Nintendo Live Streaming Satoru Iwata's GDC Keynote - No Gamer Left Behind

New Mario and Zelda news afoot? Nintendo is live streaming Satoru Iwata's GDC keynote speech on their website. Could this mean big news? The speech is titled "Video Games Turn 25", which would lead me to believe there will be more than a passing mention of a franchise that recently turned 25, The Legend of Zelda.

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Otheros002845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

What a lying title. From the way Nintendo is going it was fate that I left them last gen. Worthless console I ever bought was the gamecube. There were about 10 games that I liked on the gamecube. I didn't buy a console to play 10 games over and over the entire gen.

nicholaswrites2845d ago

No Gamer Left Behind is the name of the site, not the article

Shok2845d ago

Fail man.

And are you serious? The GC was beast. Maybe if you didn't SEE many good you should've LOOKED for some games......every good game out there isn't gonna be shoved in your face like Halo 3 was. And all because you don't see games doesn't mean they're not there, it's just your ignorance.

Otheros002845d ago

The gamecube was mostly shovleware and rehashes like the wii. Also, remember I am NOT YOU. So what ever you considered good doesn't mean it is good to me. I hate it when games are shoved in my face and told that I like it.

AGamerOfConsoles2844d ago

I didn't see mostly shovelware on the gamecube. In fact I saw the shovelware piling on PS2.

limewax2844d ago

Maybe people also dont appreciate you telling them one of their favourite consoles is worthless.

Sure in your opinion it was and thats fair enough, but to try and shove it down other peoples throats is no better than trying to force someone to like games.

IMO none of the consoles I have ever bought have proved worthless, But I have many genres I can enjoy. And the gamecube was one of the best, when I was young I had a long trip to take in the car with my parents, RE4 and a miniscreen saved me that day

na-no-nai2844d ago

Gamecube was one of the best console last gen. Absolutely loved it; played that as much as the ps2. Ps2 Have more rpg games but GC had some of the best games last gen

AGamerOfConsoles2844d ago

A 25th Zelda anniversary collection would be great. It also makes sense considering they did it with Mario.