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MaideninBlack2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

User generated levels? This is me not excited.

Nitrowolf22844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )


This was very unexpected, but this could be extremely awesome. Sounds like LBP Play, Create, Share is starting to get into more games. I hope it's extremely flexible.

Now i am wondering if they are only doing this pre-release, meaning the game won't have this and that this beta is just for some lucky person to get their level into the game.

Hope it makes it in the final game and we are able to share these missions with other people.

endless missions to do? I think yes.

More games need to do this kind of stuff, i mean look at LBP they have it and are still able to sell DLC and profit off them.

MaideninBlack2844d ago

I had my hopes set on something more in the lines of co-op/multiplayer.

Masta_fro2844d ago

Its called thinking outside the box, microsoft should try this sometime.

blumatt2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

Looks like Sony is serious about this whole Play.Create.Share thing!! This adds almost infinite replayability to games. Yay for more FREE levels.

I wish CoD would introduce user-created maps instead of making us pay a ridiculous $15 for 5 maps. lol

Yeah, but one can wish, right? haha I'm done with CoD anyway, so it won't affect me either way. (I will admit that I still like CoD4, since it's the only one I haven't traded in. It's the only CoD worth playing in my opinion!)

kneon2844d ago

And that right there at the end of your post is why it won't happen.

TheDivine2844d ago

User created maps is one thing fps need more of, especially with bots for those without internet. Reach is the best for forge, i really wish kz3 had something like it. This acually got me excited for in2.

Commander_TK2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

User-created maps? Play on PC

malandra2844d ago

I'm very glad it's not mutiplayer or co-op, some games don't need it like Bioshock and Dead Space

this sounds great, extend the single player content with user generated levels

if it's done right we will have an incredible amount of content to play or to create, I suspect it won't be as hard as LBP to create something awesome

BoNeSaW232844d ago

User Generated Levels=FREE MAP PACKS!
Not some LAME Tacked on Multiplayer, I'm excited! What did you want? Basically,this is me telling you, YOU SUCK!

midgard2272844d ago

infamous multiplayer? what crack r u on lol. only respect u get so ar after that comment is that u like demons souls......lmao infamous coop. whats next coop in gran turismo?

Commander_TK2844d ago

There is co-op in Gran Turismo.

NeloAnjelo2843d ago

This is good news. The game will always be fresh, offering new user generated experiences. How can anyone not want this?

Lets Play Create Share MaideninBlack... where is the gamer love?

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KILLERAPP2844d ago

Wow I didn’t expect anything like this, it sounds cool but makes me wonder what else you can create in the game and if your creations can be played by other people like LBP…

InfiniteJustice2844d ago

Wow that's cool I guess. But no doubt some people will be disappointed, as always

jack_burt0n2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

wow great announcement, innovation and with one hell of a game engine.

lol ppl too thick to be creative, its a great way to increase replayability without endless rounds of shoot, respawn.

yeah coop would be good but being able to download unlimited free dlc is also cool.

2fk2844d ago

this game is going to be amazing

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