GDC 2011: Hands-On Preview: inFamous 2 - gamrReview

gamrReview plays the latest build of inFamous 2

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Thrillhouse2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Me too!

I'm really glad that they're including a mission creator, because the side missions in inFamous 1 got pretty repetitive, especially if you did more than one playthrough.

I've always loved things like Far Cry's map creator, Halo's forge, LBP, etc. Community content is incredible on PC, so I'm glad that it seems to be seeping into big name console games!

Will definitely be buying this.

Torillian2818d ago

Kind of surprising that the release is relatively soon and no preview has gotten to mess around with the Ice powers. Perhaps they think the powers are best left as a surprise.

swirldude2818d ago

Want more electricity! HIGH VOLTAGE!

despair2818d ago

MP beta will come soon, hope its available to PS+ members, I love the create your mission premise for this game. Perfect MP style here.

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