1001 Games: Castle Crashers and Sensory Candy

Whew, as school approaches finals week my free time suddenly starts to slip away. That combined with reading Jane McGonigal's new book "Reality is Broken" has left me without too much time to play video games, but I have learned a lot from the book and always had made time for a game I didn't think I would like too much: Castle Crashers.

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VGO-CameronC2849d ago

I love beatem ups, especially Scott Pilgrim, and I have to agree with you, Castle Crashers is on a different level. There's something about the game that is more accessible than other beatem ups, allowing for friends who don't even really like beatem ups to get lost in the multiplayer fun for hours. Definitely a great game, and a great example of how the setting of a game can make that game so much more.