TGV: Marvel Pinball demo now available on PlayStation Network

According to the latest press release from Zen Studios, a demo for the very awesome Marvel Pinball is now available on the PlayStation Network.

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borisfett2817d ago

Worth the money on any format.

RustyMagus2817d ago

Some motherf***ers are always trying to iceskate uphill!

kasasensei2817d ago

Zen Studios is simply the best for Pinball games. :)

Master of Unlocking2817d ago

Game is a bit meh...for a start, the real-life pinball-like presentation from zen pinball is gone, as well as the close-up view that made you feel like you actually had a real pinball machine before your eyes, the flippers now have a heavy feel that make them unresponsive, and some tunes are uninspired and not suitable to a Marvel-themed pinball, like the Wolverine one.
Still worth a purchase maybe when it's half price, but definitely not as good as zen pinball! By the way, WHEN do we get the Rome table dlc on the PS3? :(