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Report: Crysis 2 To Ship Without DX11 Support, Coming In Post-Launch Patch

We’ve received word from Swedish hardware site Sweclockers that Crysis 2 will ship without DX11 support, much like its recently released demo counterpart. The tidbit was unearthed at a recent Nvidia presentation. Apparently, Crytek plans to patch in the renderer as part of a post-launch update. (Crysis 2, PC)

Shackdaddy836  +   1431d ago
WTF Crytek
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Thrillhouse  +   1431d ago
Meanwhile at Crytek: http://i.imgur.com/vvqLF.jp...

This stinks of EA forcing Crytek to release far too early . . . even though it was already delayed once.

Hopefully it'll mean they'll be putting extra polish on DX11. This will be the flagship title until BF3, for sure.
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evrfighter  +   1431d ago
Console port confirmed.

I'm glad I had no faith in crytek to begin with. Though I imagine the pc community might not trust them enough to buy their game and wait for if.

Congratulations crytek you just increased the number of people pirating your game ten fold.
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Megaton  +   1431d ago
awiseman  +   1431d ago
And the ppl on this site told me not to flame EGAY...
ATiElite  +   1431d ago
This had better be some sick ass joke!
If not then this is UTTER FN FAILURE!!

if the DX11 version is not ready then just push the PC version back...AGAIN. They already knew what they were up against as far as Metro 2033 maybe this is a knee jerk reaction from being ripped to shreds by a BATTLEFIELD 3 Teaser. IDK I just can't believe what I just read. No DX11 on release day. I gotta wait for a GOT DAM patch.

This is why I hate multi-plats cause they FUCK up the PC Version.
(yes the caps are necessary cause i'm screaming mad right now!!)
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joydestroy  +   1431d ago
i'm with ya buddy. i was looking forward to some DX11 goodness in Crysis2 in a few weeks. oh well.
shikamaroooo  +   1431d ago
zzzz delay PC version and release with DX11 seriously....
Letros  +   1431d ago
Well it looks like I'll be saving SP until the patch...disappointing
hoops  +   1431d ago
Once again the PS3 and Xbox360 fuck over the PC version...
This generation has been one sorry cluster fuck
kevnb  +   1431d ago
Yet no ps3 demo yet and the 360.demo was far.worse than pc.
BiggCMan  +   1431d ago
I agree with hoops here. I don't game on my computer, but the way you PC players have been getting treated this generation is bullshit. I can't deny the power of a high end computer, its just facts that they can produce the best looking graphics. Its just that no devs want to put in the work these days to show that, and its fucking lazy.
Kon  +   1431d ago
This became a day 2 buy for me.
wicko  +   1431d ago
Pretty much waiting for a steam sale now. Well actually I had planned to anyway, I wanted to buy a new PC but not until Rage came out.. now I have more incentive to do so. Pretty damn lame, crytek.
slyrunner  +   1431d ago
Not to be a dick, but every time a pc exclusive comes to consoles, we mostly come to par with the console version , rather than the true potential we should see. Believe it or not, it's starting to become the truth..
kevnb  +   1431d ago
No.not.really. But the pc.version could.of.been much better as an.exclsuive.
Pandamobile  +   1431d ago
No shit. I can't think of a single time where a PC game going multiplatform has yielded better results.

Call of Duty went from hardcore PC FPS to the mainstream garbage we have today.

Battlefield Bad Company isn't even half the game that the original BF games were (thankfully DICE aren't holding back for BF3).

and now, Crysis...
LightofDarkness  +   1431d ago
Et tu, Crytek?

This makes me feel quite pessimistic about Rage now.
CrippleH  +   1431d ago
I'll give bad company a slide since it's a game for console which is why there is no BC1 for PC. BC2 is still a console game.
DigitalAnalog  +   1431d ago
I heard the console version would have less players compared to the 64 man on B3. TBH, I don't understand why would they have to release this game on the consoles, it's clearly designed for the hardcore Battlefield fans.

-End statement
ATiElite  +   1431d ago

Bad Company was ALWAYS a console experience. BC1 wasn't even on PC. If it wasn't for DICE wanting to make sure the Frsotbite Engine was ready to go for BF3 BC2 wouldn't have been on the PC either.

I'm glad it came to the PC because BC2 PC killed the console versions. but yeh COD went from hardcore to arcade but forget it we got Red Orchestra.

BF3 is going multi-plat but DICE is doing it the right way. Make the PC version first and continue with the innovation of the series then port it down to the consoles as best as possible to fit their systems unlike Crytek who just said F it just copy COD and call it Crysis 2.
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Baka-akaB  +   1431d ago
Even if that was true , it's not as if the console owners petitionned and demanded for the game .

Blame crytek and their greed instead .
kaveti6616  +   1431d ago
No, it's the fault of us console owners, for willfully dumbing ourselves down with consoles and allowing console makers to sheist us again and again. And thus forcing PC developers to follow the money to the console market.

Everyone on this site owns a computer. Modern technology has always been about integration - about bringing multiple feature sets and functions into one cohesive system. The personal computer is that system. Why, WHY, do we buy consoles? Reasons I've read.

- "I like to play on the couch."
- "I don't like dealing with complex hardware. It's confusing."
- "I like playing with a controller, not with a mouse and keyboard."
- "I like the exclusives that are only available on consoles."
- "I like to support so and so."
- "PC gaming costs too much and I'd always have to upgrade."

PC gaming doesn't cost more than console gaming. If people would just do the math, they would see that building a PC from scratch or else upgrading an existing rig is the most economic decision to make. I paid 730 dollars for a NETBOOK! Wow, was I stupid. Then, on top that, I have a 360 and a PS3. Total cost of having a netbook, a 360, and a PS3? $1630 USD.

That's why we think everything is expensive. Turns out my friend built himself a PC recently. Total cost to build? $1500 USD. His PC is MANY times more powerful than my netbook. It maxes out Crysis and Metro 2033 at resolutions you won't see on consoles even in the next generation.

- You can hook up your PC to your television as easily as you can hook up your 360/PS3 to a television. So you can sit on your couch.

- You can use your 360/PS3 controller on MOST PC games, essentially all the ones you can think of.

- If you don't like dealing with complex hardware, find a friend who does. Or else stop being a lazy bum and read the countless PC building guides available for free on the internet, made by very nice, helpful people who found the best websites or stores to get the best deals on their hardware parts.

- If you like the exclusives on these consoles, too bad. By supporting the console industry now (by purchasing their exclusives) your ensuring that you will be sheisted for generations to come. Why do games on consoles cost more to buy? 65 bucks versus 40 bucks. Do the console versions have more features? Do they have a toolset that PC doesn't have? Nope, PC has mod support, either official or unofficial, it's there. PC version has better resolutions, unless the developers has deliberately gimped the PC version to maintain parity with consoles, which happened with AC Brotherhood.

The reason why consoles games cost more is not because of higher development costs. Not really, anyway. The real reason is because the console makers lose BILLIONS developing and manufacturing their mid-level, currently low-level, hardware.

we pay for their DEBTS, that they incurred when they decided to enter a non-profitable, yet extremely popular venture.

What reason do Sony and Microsoft have for developing consoles and having their developers develop on consoles?

Why not integrate and follow the trend of technology? I don't need 2 more shit machines. Don't want them.

Poor Crytek followed the money. They saw a mediocre game called COD selling 17 million units and said, "Why not us?"

It's not really Crytek's fault. It's the fault of Sony and Microsoft for encouraging the masses to dumb themselves down, to buy consoles that serve no purpose other than to restrict advancement.
Baka-akaB  +   1431d ago
Nope i'll still just blame crytek here .

You found reason to not care about consoles and dont find their benefits important enough anymore ? Fine that's your problem or rather prerogative .

Crytek had a great thing going on pc , despite the occasonial b*tching about piracy .

They have a multi million dollar franchise eagerly awaited by a big pc fanbase , and they are screwing it up over a new market that might not even care in the end and is unlikely to turn them into cod sellers .

I'm tired of the BS argument , consoles were fine on their own with their dedicated games most of the time ...
if pc studios decided to come and port their stuff over those or make it a priority , then they are the culprits , period .

When there such an issue , it's time for the pc consumer market to ditch them back as well .
Dont buy watered down pc versions of games , i know i dont .

For people who claims the other market is dumbed down mass , oddly their market follow the same crappy games in sales , when multiplatform .
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kaveti6616  +   1431d ago
Every single game you have ever purchased on a console was a watered down PC version of the game, whether it was exclusive or not.

Consoles have zero benefits for gamers.

They don't even benefit the console makers anymore. Sony and MS have lost billions on their closed-box DRM machines.

Their developers are forced to deal with mediocre specifications for years and years, all the while putting on fake smiles for the gaming media and claiming that they are "amazed by how much power the consoles have."

But the consoles are popular because the masses are stupid sheep who fall prey to advertising.

Not only does the PS3 NOT do everything, it also doesn't do most things that even my crappy netbook can do.

It doesn't even multitask. People make fun of the iPad for not running multiple apps at once. The PS3 is the same.

You talk about benefits, but there are none. Piracy exists on 360, so it's entire purpose as a DRM machine is nullified. The PS3 has been hacked, but even if it hadn't, why was it important for Sony to spend billions of dollars on making the PS3 DRM machine when they could have just published their games and pushed them through STEAM?

Sony would then be able to sell their games for 40 bucks on PC and still make more profit that way than they are making now.

At this point, there is no reason for consoles to exist. They don't make profits and they are not secure systems.

That's why both MS and Sony keep talking about how this console generation will be the longest. They're milking it for all it is worth because they have no clue what to do after this gen. Sony will probably stick to the NGP and not make another home console. Microsoft, who hasn't been acquiring any developers as of late, will probably just go back to publishing PC games and they'll try to support Kinect as a competitor to the Nintendo home consoles.

Nintendo is the only company that can still afford to make a home console because they sell their consoles for profit at launch.
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Dojan123  +   1431d ago
I just ordered my 570 today for the dx11! Man, I finally had a good reason to upgrade my old CrossFire before BF3. SOB I could have saved a few dollars by waiting. They just lost my order. If the patch is late, I may be on to another game.
LightofDarkness  +   1431d ago
Wow, I think for the first time I'm feeling what Sony fanboys felt when they were handed that lackluster fantasy RPG sequel (that shall not be named).
Drjft  +   1431d ago
This was revealed ages ago. It's hardly new news. It was even confirmed in the leaked version.
awi5951  +   1431d ago
Wait what the hell. Where is the direct x10 screw 9 man crytek you suck.
xDaRkModEx  +   1431d ago
Burning_Finger  +   1431d ago
Whoooop  +   1431d ago
XtremeHDGamer  +   1431d ago
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StarScream4Ever  +   1431d ago
GamerPS360  +   1431d ago
This is how they decided to treat PC fan. Well, How we supposed to treat them now?

I have not pirated a single game in my life but they sure are pushing me on the edge.
anonym  +   1431d ago
Man, every year or so I decide to go nuts and pre-order a game, and every year or so I get painfully reminded of why you should always wait for reviews.

Not that DX11 itself is make-or-break, but between that and the thoroughly generic multiplayer demo, my expectations are getting lower and lower.

Anyway, here's hoping everything will be fine and I'm just overreacting.
hoops  +   1431d ago
This is what is the cluster fuck of all...
99.9% of multi-plats get reamed on the PC because of the Xbox360 and PS3.
I had HIGH HOPES for Crysis 2/Crytek NOT to follow this path because of their history...how wrong I was.
Moreover the ONLY PC game so far this generation I can think of off hand at the moment (maybe there is more. I can't think of it now because of my ranting)that did not get consolitis was Metro 2033.
THQ made the game with the PC in mind...THQ! Why do I get this feeling that Rage is also going to get consolitis?
Bloody Hell Crytek, why could you not follow suit like THQ and Metro 2033?
Hopefully this "story" is rumor and not true...for PC gamers sake.
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Masterchef2007  +   1431d ago
They should have waited a bit longer. But regardless DX11 support is comming to the game.
xtremegamerage  +   1431d ago
DX9 has been around for along time and that's why it's the main support, because most have it.

Fk all games have had DX11 in them so far, little parts here and there. Dirt2,avp etc.

People rush out and buy the newest thing, trouble is it's never supported in large doses straight away.

DX10 was a mess, drivers were poor when released, half the games supported ran better in DX9. Most even switched to it for more fps.(yes it's fine now)

I'm guessing they are not getting the fps they expected to get and are still optimizing it, and will probably look great when done.

But here's the thing.


Barely any difference and i've played in DX11.

People over estimate dx11, just like dx10 before it.

Tesselation is one part, and better ram performance as well.

But unless DX11 games start getting pumped out with massive visual upgrades, nobody will care. Roll out DX12.
playaplayer  +   1431d ago
I believe the reason DX11 is so coveted because all the nividia tech demo's people seen.

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