MGS07: Gameplay of Conan

Let's spend a few minutes on Conan through this gameplay video showcasing a new level. Gamersyde tried hard, but they think that the game is far from inspiring.

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M4I0N34090d ago

looks like a spin off God of war but with next gen graphics

hazeblaze4090d ago

Actually, this game strikes me as one that TRIES to clone the gameplay of GoW but does not quite pull it off. It doesn't really look bad... just nothing that really looks awesome. But perhaps that's b/c we need to see more gameplay too... at any case, I'd at least rent it.

green_ghost54090d ago

This game does not look good..I'm waiting for Age of Conan, can't wait for some PvP siege warfare.

The Dark Knight4090d ago

ive got this game its actually really good

akaFullMetal4090d ago

looks ok, seems to be a god of war like game, but hey if its raunchy blood spirting limb removing, ass kicking you like, then by all means buy this, i might too

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