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Treyarchs position on the 501- 8 banned player

Gamers are apologizing on their You Tube channels for fueling the fire, and giving boosters their 15 minutes of fame. (Casual games, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360)

Legitgamefly  +   1508d ago
I was fooled
I actually was fooled by this video too. It's to bad about the people that lost subs over this.
torresboy11  +   1508d ago
I think its legit and tryarch should let it slide.
Just my opinion.
MEGANE  +   1508d ago
anyone who has prestige at least once knows this is been set up!.... watch the other videos!
torresboy11  +   1508d ago
Yeah i know i was jk hahahahahah
StrmKyk  +   1508d ago
Yeah I thought this video was real when I first watched it.
SicK_Scope  +   1508d ago
Yea same here i though it was almost legit.
younglj01  +   1508d ago
lol wow this EVIL clan is so lame
torresboy11  +   1508d ago
damn straight haha
StrmKyk  +   1508d ago
Ive been playing for a long time Ring of Death but i still thought it was legit because of the speed of the game but when i looked at this article and they slowed it down it showed it more clear that they were cheating.
MagicGamer  +   1508d ago
what they did give them was the 15 minutes of fame they wanted though. So who won this?
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StrmKyk  +   1508d ago
Well since they got banned and de-ranked I think Treyarch won.
sLeVedInKMaNstEr  +   1508d ago
Well either way you look at it they both kinda won
stlbeast1  +   1508d ago
so true
xVeZx  +   1508d ago
this match being real or not is not the point....the point is is that people can do this....maybe not this perfect but they can do it...and all they did was ban those kids they didnt say they were going to fix those spawns on demo...
stlbeast1  +   1508d ago
well said
MagicGamer  +   1508d ago
they would never pull this type of spawn trap on good players....ever...that was boosting for sure
MagicGamer  +   1508d ago
my point is ..it can't be done if all the players are completely random..and descent players. There's no way. So if you watch the vids that were supporting this you will see it was a absolute collusion. So lets say treyarch reset the spawn points. It wouldn't fix the problem. They would just find the new ones and do it again. Of course with the same people. The videos prove the opposing team was in on the boosting.
stlbeast1  +   1508d ago
the spawn points r still exactly the same after it being known for a week now
DarkSpawnClone  +   1508d ago
this is sad lol
Pasha  +   1508d ago
I thought it was totally legit too hmm at first I thought it was wrong of treyarch for banning them then I saw their proof and I understood :/
PhilieDeee  +   1508d ago
wow treyarch time to move on... they should not have banned him. and as of who won the player since now treyarch has the whole web bashin um' :)
PhilieDeee  +   1508d ago
even if it was boosting the players still have a say in how they play the game, and if it wasn't nice spawn trap
sLeVedInKMaNstEr  +   1508d ago
I think Treyarch is just mad cause they found a way around there own game
PhilieDeee  +   1508d ago
haha yeah bro looks like they need to find another hobby ;)
Three_Sisters  +   1508d ago
The writer calls the player who did the 501 kills a good player....

yeah right, a person who kills by spawn camping is good/skilled......

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