Halo 3 skulls: IWHBYD skull has been found (Spoiler warning)

Following the detailed information on finding the Halo 3 skulls and Product-Reviews news the other day about the IWHBYD skull which has not been found yet, Product-Reviews can now officially report to you that it has been found at last.

Teamxbox is reporting that the IWHBYD skull has been found on Covenant level as previously thought, it is near the end, and apparently in the room where you finally take down the Prophet. The reason it may have been hard to find is because you had to jump through the 7 rings of light in a very particular order to unlock it and to make things easier it is suggested that you kill the prophet and wipe out the Flood before attempting to get the IWHBYD skull.

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pwnsause4097d ago

wow, thats kinda old, i did this before this article came out.

FreeMonk4097d ago

I now have all the skulls, but getting the IWHBYD skull was a pain in the ass!

I did it once, but it didn't work! Then I did it again, but remembered to crouch jump and it worked!

Remember, crouch jump. You have to go THROUGH the halos!

WilliamRLBaker4097d ago

it was found long ago like a few days...

davidadrake4097d ago

Yeah, this is not really news anymore.

zonetrooper54097d ago

Yeh this is old and many people did find this ages ago. I've got all the skulls as well.

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