User Friendly: Halo 3

So you bought Halo 3, shot rockets at huge scarabs, fragged brutes, and played a few online games with your friends. But aside from the crazy bubble shield, electrifying gravity hammer, and gazillion-dollar marketing budget, you may not have discovered what really makes Halo 3 special.

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Ps3Fanboy7774095d ago


Atleast it has the theatre

socomnick4095d ago

Jaggies arent that bad look This is the result of a plasma grenade on a wart hog I flipped by meleeing it.

eurocro4095d ago

I GOT ALL THE SKULLS ... here is the proof

Mikey_Gee4095d ago

Graphics and Single player are getting knocked ...

Graphically awsome above all other ?? NO (but still dead sexy)

Single player awsome above all other ?? NO (but still huge fun)

No innovation and nothing new ... WRONG !!!

The multiplayer in this game is AWSOME ... guilding your own maps and SHARING THEM FREE is fantastic. The replay feature is killer to say the least.

For those who still knock this game after seeing Halo3, playing Halo3 and trying the new Multi Player stuff, make a few thing VERY CLEAR TO ME.

a) you have NEVER even touched it ( 2 seconds at EB games at the Kios does not count)

b) you are a full blown retard and still thing Graphics > Gameplay

c) you are an outright Fanboy with nothing to do on your console due to its current hang-ups and feel the need to waste your time on other things (ala spam and trolling with stupid remarks on N4G)

Captain Tuttle4094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

Bubble for you Mikey_Gee. There are plenty of games that went for graphics over gameplay and they're turds.

FunnyBone4095d ago

Articles ripping Halo 3 to Articles Saying good things....Wow N4G I cant believe it....Running out of straws to grab....I could not stand Halo2 i am very glad that i gave Halo 3 a chance..Great Game

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