Nvidia Readies New "Ultimate" Technology for Gamers

Nvidia Corporation not only plans to refresh its lineup of performance graphics accelerators this year, but also intends to introduce its 3-way SLI multi-GPU technology, which is apparently Nvidia's new "ultimate gaming platform". Initially Nvidia plans to enable triple SLI support for the top-of-the-range GeForce 8800 GTX and Ultra graphics cards, but eventually it may support 3-way configurations of other GPUs as well. Systems with three graphics cores will be powered by Nvidia nForce 680i as well as nForce 780i platforms with the former supporting PCI Express 1.1/1.0a, whereas the latter featuring PCI Express 2.0 along with a special "BR04" switch for more efficient multi-GPU operation.

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gEnKiE4091d ago

3-way sli?! Are they kidding? Technology just keeps getting better and better.... :]

risk4091d ago

NOO! stupid stupid nvidia, do what the processor makers are doing retards. Integrate 2 GPU's into ONE PCB, by making it smaller and faster, allowing it to handel the load of an sli configuration without the extra power consumption! Sure it'll be expensive but it beats having extra power wasted when im not in a game with an SLI rig. (kinda like the GX2 and the x1950XTX crossfire video cards that combined 2 of the same cards and made them one)

Xi4091d ago

2 di on one board would be much much better, but nvidia is trying to make money because they know that there's someone who'll pay for the 3 cards so they can use it. ATI is catching up to nvidia in the graphics department, hopefully they'll make the right choice and just have multi core cards with crossfire which is now running at near sli efficiency. Then adopt the the 3+ crossfire later to allow for 6 cores.

risk4091d ago

they wont even need xfire/SLI!

all they would have to do is allow more and more cores into ONE core.

its like HD2900XT x2 or x4 which would be sweet, PCIe allows allot of bandwith to be moved around so lets hope something like this isnt too far into the future!

risk4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

grr n4g and its lagg. anyways @ above SLI is soo expensive right now (1000$ for just 2 graphic cards 1500$ for 3? no thanks id rather spend money on ONE top of the line graphic card for 400$, and the rest of the 1100$ for buying better parts for my computer eg from dual core to quad core, and from an ok motherboard to an overclockers dream motherboard.

uuaschbaer4091d ago

I'm too stupid for this..

no_more_heroes4085d ago

I was starting to think that I'm the only "normal" person in here. ;)

Chaos Striker4091d ago

who in the world would need 768mb/512mb x3 graphics cards.....I think this is a bit overkill on their part and not to mention that it will be very expensive.

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The story is too old to be commented.