Sloppy Wii controls: how long will players put up with them?

The accuracy of the Nintendo Wii's Remote and Nunchuck controller has been a topic of debate ever since the console's official unveiling at E3 2005. Every Wii owner will have come across blips in communication between their motion-sensing gestures and what actually occurs on screen at some point. The first is likely to have been in a haphazard bout of Wii Sports boxing, and it's an issue that almost always rears its ugly head in any title that demands a number of varied arm waving movements. How long is it until it just isn't acceptable anymore?

If FIFA 08's players ran and turned like they were jogging on black ice in the Xbox 360 version of the game, no doubt its developer Electronic Arts would be heavily criticised. However, for some reason, the Wii Remote's innaccuracies are overlooked. Is it the case that the 10 million or so Wii owners are all still charmed by the novelty of motion-controlled gaming and consequently blissfully ignorant and blinkered when it comes to its occassional pitfalls?

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Mr Blings4095d ago

I have had a wii since day one. I have always said I bought it for 1st party games, everything else I will buy for 360. But even first party games control isn't that great. all I hear about is "new gen" with the controller, but I find myself rather playing on a traditional controller versus wiimote any day. Metroid for example, its a decent game, but has not proved in anyway to me that it makes for better fps controls. I have quickly lost the drive to play it and would much rather play halo or bioshock. I will go back and play at some point, but didn't really do anything for me. The only third party games of real interest were golf and maybe a fishing game. I have tried each golf game the wii has...perfect controller for these types of games....they all suck though not only due to sub par graphics but the contol sucks as well. In the end, the wii is very popular right now, but its definately not all that and I would push people to a 360 or ps3 anyday over a wii, unless they had young children and it was going to be a family console. My wii has sat dusty for months now, I dusted it off for metroid, but like I said it hasn't done anything for me so it is once again collecting dust....nintendo you have one more chance to wow me with mario galaxy and then your cut off because all the games your pushing for the casual market I can find something similar on yahoo games.

Kwertie4095d ago

It may be novelty, it may not. I've only found problems with Wii Sports Golf. However fans will put up with the Wii remote as much as people put up with Xbox's unreliability. I have an Xbox360 and Wii, but to be honest I don't reckon much to any of the consoles this generation. Wii is probably the one I spend most time on what with the VC and Nintendo exclusives (not to mention the handy web browser).

Anyway, it may be that people appreciate that the controls are in the early stages and accept occasional confusion, just like how people accepted that the Atari 2600 only had one button and the joystick would fall to bits.

I'm sure any problems now will be completely nailed next console. Hopefully Microsoft will make the next Xbox more reliable too.

QuackPot4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

The Wiimote idea is no novelty.

The two-handed, motion sensitive, rumble controller is the controller of the future.

It's not perfected in the wii-mote but likely to be copied EEEEVENTUALLY by Sony for future playstations - Sony is already dabbling in it with six-axis.

And for all those old-school gamers who like holding a single controller in their hands like a granny:

* I'd prefer to swing my hands about(fast/slow, short/long) when throwing a grenage rather than pushing a button.

* I'd perefer to throw the punch with my hands rather than pushing a button

* I'd prefer control the the speed of the bowling ball rather than pushing a button

* I'd prefer to control the gun sight by using the controller like a gun rather than....well, not pushing the button this time but moving the analog stick.

Get with the programme people. This is the future.

The wii is successful on price AND unique gameplay(ie Wii-mote). Gamers become more involved with the gameplay with a wii-mote device.

C'mon Sony. Bring on the Play-mote.

perseus4095d ago

The inaccuracies are plenty annoying, but we only play the party games at my house so accuracy isn't a big demand. Forever Blue, Wii Sports, and Brain Training don't exactly need high accuracy.

I think that may be why most people don't complain about it. The Nintendo fans don't like it, but most people bought the Wii because bowling is fun when you're drunk.

I'd be much happier if the controllers were more responsive, but to be honest, I'm only interested in the party games so if nothing changed I'd be okay. Deca Sporta, Mario and Sonic at Beijing, and other games like those are why I have the Wii. Like you Mr. Blings, I get my accuracy and graphics fix elsewhere (in my case the PS3).

LeonSKennedy4Life4095d ago

Japan will put up with them FOREVER!

America will put up with them as long as the media tells them to.

LeonSKennedy4Life4095d ago

I don't complain because RE4:Wii Edition, Metroid, and Wario Ware are all incredible...

It's just unnerving that other games SUCK!

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