MGS07: Gran Turismo 5 Gameplay

The MGS was the opportunity to discover two new Gran Turismo 5: Prologue tracks, and to see people that play much better than Gamersyde.

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AnalFace3798d ago

GT5 needs car damage. Its the only thing. Physics and graphics seem fine.

nasim3798d ago

It is the most realistic racing game ever created on any console.

It makes Forza 2/PGR 4 look like wii games.

I predict 20 m sales for GT5 over its lifetime .

Radiomorph3798d ago

Without damage you can't simulate the tension going on every second during the race. GT5 needs it in my opinion.

jromao3798d ago

Kazunori already speak about it before, damage and dinamic weather will be added to GT5 later trough updates. Damages will take them to double the work time around each car model.

risk3798d ago

well from what ive read they dont want crappy damage a la Forza 2, they want real damage like you smash it into a pole at 10KM/H u'll get a dent, you smash it at 100KM/H, and your car will be totaled, that is why they couldnt add it, because they want it to be as real as possible. so its like this, they can either release the game early without damage, or release it later with super realistic damage, ill take the earlier one, with even a payable thing that adds damage to the game(realistic)

popup3798d ago

A time penalty is all thats needed in my opinion because if I am in a 50 lap race and on lap 5 my car gets hit and keeps understeering and slows down as a result, I am going to quit and start again rather than limp for 45 laps.


Why not go the whole hog and not just damage the car model but if you hit something hard enough it kills your character, wipes your savegames and bans your PSN account for 6 months pending an investigation into the accident. Only then can the true understanding and excitement of damage be realized - na. ;)

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MaximusPrime3798d ago

Despite having no damage, GT is still the best.

Rumor that damage will be in GT5. Just be patience.

btw: great gameplay video ;)

MADGameR3798d ago

Thats a HUGE jump from GTHD. The graphics are perfect! True next gen visuals there. Ofcourse the gameplay will be as good as it looks. Although I'm not a racing car fan, this game will sell great.

Noodlecup3798d ago

The graphics are more than "fine" and even in Forza 2 damage wasn't as interesting as it was hyped up to be. GT5 is better than Forza and PGR combined, it always has been, just because it has no damage doesn't make it any worse.

jromao3798d ago

Please, don't compare GT5 with low level games as PGR and Forza 2, not possible to find it in planet Earth.

Vip3r3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

I like the wing and rear view mirrors as well as the level of detail inside the car. Sweet.

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The story is too old to be commented.