Companions – New Fantasy Themed RPG/Dungeon Crawler for iPad

Smuttlewerk announces their new and upcoming game, Companions. “Companions” will be a top-view “RPG/Dungeon Crawler” for Apple’s iPad, where you lead a team of four characters into real-time battles against the false god “Detexx” and the “Hordes of Nether”. The game will be playable as a campaign with a full-fledged storyline or as a single-map experience, packed with achievements and leaderboards.

The game contains elements of “Roguelike” and “Dungeon-Crawler” games, as well as RPG and action-tactics elements. Maps and characters are displayed in 2D top-view. The characters have skills. Like other RPG’s these skills utilize a cooldown mechanism, so timing is very important. These skills get better if the player chooses to level them up. The clever use of the skills is one of the core play elements.

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Zlix2821d ago

It looks kinda retro, but it is really fun game...