Crysis 2 Performance: Six Popular GPUs Tested asks, "how well will Crysis 2 run on your PC?"

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newsguy2608d ago

I wonder how well this will run on my rig.

joydestroy2608d ago

yep, i'd like to see SLI performance. specifically on the GTX 460.

i'm thinking 60-70 fps on hardcore at 1680x1050

kancerkid2608d ago

I can't believe that card runs so good. I am building a PC for my brother, and you can build a 600 dollar rig with that card.

1080P, here I come

inveni02608d ago

A single 460 with a 1090t runs the game at 30+ at 1680x1050 max settings. Don't ask me how I know.

FanboyPunisher2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

LOL! Consoleitis, game doesnt even stress a 580.
So much for graphics improvement over the first one.

Bullshit, not even going to bother.

You know how it runs? It runs like a console port that was pushed over to PC. Shit is a joke.

AndyB2608d ago

Performance is incredible if you consider how poorly Crysis ran.

bumnut2608d ago

Thats because it doesn't have huge open levels.

MAJ0R2608d ago

doesn't have as much leaves either, I get like 60 FPS in Crysis 2 but in Crysis 1 I get 40-50 with AA OFF

Crytek needed to change the setting to New York to be able to run it on consoles

arjman2608d ago

Or maybe because they didn't want to make another game in the jungle?

2608d ago
ATiElite2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Crysis ran poorly because DX10 is not that great. Crysis was like one of the first DX10 game to really pushed DX10. It suffered from optimization problems plus the fact that DX10 is just DX9 with so much crap dropped on top of it.

DX11 fixes all the problems with DX10 likie making it more streamline plus adds new features thus making optimization a lot easier for developers.

mittwaffen2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

Every post from you i shake my head, very ignorant.

DX11 is not included with retail PC crysis, they are patching it. Those benchmarks are DX9.
Game wont look better, can only polished a shit console port so much.

I hope all ATI fans arnt as ignorant as you.
Crysis DX9 was what most people ran because Vista was a bloated cow for any gaming.

So we all ran it on XP DX9, i've read up on how their engine does its rendering. If i heard unoptimized about it..your just a fucking retard.

Farcry 1, crysis 1 all raped the H/W it was played on because it pushed the envelope of gaming on PC for YEAR to come.

You dont know shit, [email protected]

Bounkass2608d ago

Good job my GPU can handle it. I kinda expected it to, for that price, lol.

Fishy Fingers2608d ago

Built a few PCs for friends (largely because of Crysis) and seems they should be happy with what I guessed would be enough. i5 2500k @ 4.6 and a GTX570.

Good performance compared to the original Crysis.

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