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Submitted by Valay 1735d ago | news

Iwata says no Wii successor anytime soon?

Nintendo has apparently made some comments regarding the Wii's successor. (Wii)

FlyWestbrook  +   1735d ago
Oh noes.
Shok  +   1735d ago
"The Nintendo president mentioned that once developers begin to run out of ideas, it will be possible to start thinking about a new console."

Hm? Nintendo has been working on it's new system since the Wii launched and a few devs have apparently already seen it, like THQ and Itagaki. Translation error?
Knushwood Butt  +   1735d ago
"The Nintendo president mentioned that once developers begin to run out of ideas, it will be possible to start thinking about a new console."

This confirms there will be no Wii successor soon as Nintendo haven't run out of ideas yet.

Mario Sports Mix for one example.
thebudgetgamer  +   1735d ago
wtf, is that a comment or question.
HOSe  +   1735d ago

its called the 3DWii and is coming out november 2011!!

HOSe  +   1735d ago

its called the 3DWii and its coming out november 2011!!


i didnt no double posts were possible on N4G!

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hustlerj86  +   1735d ago
When Wii 2 comes out, itll be just as powerful as the PS3 or a little more powerful, then when PS4 or XBOX 720 comes out...They will be 3 times more powerful that their Predecessor...LOL!!! Nintendo should just create a beast of a machine already and put a GTX580 on that bad boy and quit being so cheap and thinking about power consumption...who the hell cares about power consumption??? LOL
ECM0NEY  +   1735d ago
The same people playing their HD console on a SDTV and cant afford a mic.
CaulkSlap  +   1735d ago
If the Wii was $99 like it should be (based on hardware) and the crap games were cheaper that might make sense. If you can afford a $200 console + $50 games and controllers you have no excuse not to at least have an HD monitor at this point.
NiteX  +   1735d ago
Nintendo has odd ways of doing everything. Every system since the first has had something oddly left out that the others possessed. Never really got why they liked being one step behind always. But they still always sold incredibly well. Guess they always go for a more affordable system.
smashman98  +   1735d ago
not always nintendo has had there screw ups

but i wonder what theyre up to i mean when u think about it theyll be just fine without a wii successor as long as theyre able to sell atleast a million or 2 of these a year which they are selling way more than that on that same token they've never been this far behind on a technological level usually theyre able to compare graphically to there competitors lets not forget gamecube produced easily the best looking games last gen

any way im just really curious as to what there strategy is
RockmanII7  +   1735d ago
I'm calling bluff, the Wii will turn 5 this year and the gamecube was 5 when it was replaced, PS2 was 6 and Xbox was 4. I think Nintendo's strategy is to keep people focused on the 3DS in 2011 and in 2012 announce the next Nintendo home console and release it in 2013.
darkpower  +   1735d ago

Okay, Nintendo, here's the thing.

I loved Other M. I thought it was one of the best games on the Wii, and that people need to stop bitching about it. That being said, it was clear that you wanted to do so much more WITH that game and couldn't because the Wii could only do so much.

See, the issue is not if you run out of ideas. It's if the majority of ideas you have cannot possibly fit and/or run on the system you're trying to do it on, and you're cutting a lot of shit out just to get it to run. THAT'S when you see that a change is needed.

For instance, imagine if Other M was a PS3 game. I'm pretty sure the creators could've had a field day with what else they could've put into the game. Maybe make the game longer, put in more cinematics that used the system's full power, more game modes, whatever. But if the Wii was more powerful, you could actually accomplish this and THEN some.

But the first thing you must do is to pull your head out of your ass. No one's saying you have to relinquish going after the casual market. You've done a good job in doing that. That's all fine and dandy. Want to do that? GREAT! Don't overlook the other gamers in doing so, and don't assume that the only thing that casuals want to play are faceroll shovelware, and give us a system that's capable of running a game that, as good as the game was, can run what Other M COULD'VE been!

And if you bow down to the Other M QQers when you do that obvious sequel, I swear to GOD...
dragunrising  +   1735d ago
I wanted to play Other M on my Wii but my disc drive is broken. I'm thinking about selling it after I get it repaired, however I have a bunch of VirtuaConsole games that I would essentially lose :-p

Outside of Nintendo's software offerings there is little that I'm remotely interested on the Wii. Metroid Other M and Donkey Kong I would like to play. I hope the Wii 2 (or whatever its called) is backwards compatible. And I agree...Metroid Other M and/or any Wii game would look a whole lot better on HD consoles/PC.
ChickeyCantor  +   1735d ago
People like you tend to forget the simple thing thats called a "design". It was suppose to be a homage to Super Metroid( or at least the 2D metroids ).

I honestly do not believe it would have been that much different.
Seferoth75  +   1734d ago
Anyoner else find it amusing he says more in game cinematics would be possible with a more powerful console?
Only Sony fans can be that stupid.
Achtung  +   1734d ago


Just say it... you want Other M on your ps3... facepalm...
darkpower  +   1734d ago
Wow! Some of you people just don't know how to actually read anything, do you?

Why does it matter WHAT other platform I said? If I said 360 instead of PS3, would you have acted any different? Would that make you agree with me? Would that just make the Sony fanboys pissed that I used the 360 over their system (might be a plus since they seem to only know how to get on Geohot's nuts lately)?

See, the usage of a particular system is used as an EXAMPLE! People tend to GIVE those when they want to provide a clear point. The PS3 is obviously more powerful than the Wii, but so is the 360. I just used that to make it easier for me to make my point (which all of you who responded, outside of blindfromthesun who GOT IT, failed to even address).

My point is that if the Wii had more horsepower, had a better form of physical media, and could produce graphics that were on par with the 360 or PS3 (see what I did there?...Or will it be PC fanboys that bitch at me now?), then the game would've been even better than what it already is. More content and better quality is always a plus.

And that was my point. Ideas can be plentiful and a new system could still be needed if the ideas cannot be executed with the current hardware's limitations.

The problem is that some people cannot take off their fanboy glasses for even a second!
GoldPS3  +   1735d ago
Looks like MS will be coming out with they next console 1st. Sony and Nintendo are both focus on they next handhelds. PS3 still have plenty of life. Can't say that about the Wii. I can't name one game that is coming to Wii besides another Zelda, Mario, and more shovel ware.
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josephayal  +   1735d ago
I dont care' nintendo wii best console and best graphics ever made!!!
mcstorm  +   1735d ago
I don't think Nintendo need to bring another console out for another 12 to 24 months as the Wii is still selling well 5 years into its life and even though MS has kinect n Sony have move there not really having an effect on nintendos sales. The one thing I would like Nintendo to get right next Gen is better online as this is what the Wii lacks over the other two. Imo Nintendo have been by far the best developers this Gen and they have done what Sega tried to do with the Dreamcast and make its games the best on its console n apart from a few games there ain't much outside of Nintendo worth gettting on the Wii.
Venox2008  +   1735d ago
2 words...
Wii rules! :) (and yey, no Wii HD, that means my console still will be alive + new games are coming! :)))
Masterchef2007  +   1735d ago
Nintendo tends to be behind in the tech of their consoles so they can produce them cheaply and for a profit. Its just their buisness strategy unlike Microsoft and Sony who go for take but then take a loss on each console in order to be able to sell it at the public for an affordable price.
Seferoth75  +   1734d ago
What you posted makes sense... If you completely ignore the fact that up until this gen they had the most powerful console..

You first gen noobs really piss me off. You see sometyhing once and you act like it has always been that way rather than get a clue wtf you are talking about.
Masterchef2007  +   1734d ago
No wonder you only have 3 bubbles is it because of you insulting people for any stupid reason?

Look what i said is true Nintendos produced the Wii cheap so they could reap profit from it since day one. And because of that the Wiis hardware is behind the other 2 consoles. The 360 and PS3 are the most advanced ones and therefore the most expesive. Both microsoft and Sony have taken losses in the beggining of the consoles life.

Now im just going to ignore you cause i know that your not the kind of person that i like to deal with. You lack manners and should learn to show a little respect for some of the posters here at N4G.

Farewell for this shall be the last post that i see from you.
Seferoth75  +   1734d ago
4 disagrees for your post and rather than just admit you are wrong you will ignore the truth and continue to act as if Wii represents every console they have ever made... You kids today are a funny lot.

Its okay child remain clueless. If ignorance is bliss you must be one happy 10 year old

BTW you do know your post is still visible right?Cause you look really stupid now that you went from all Nintendo products to just the Wii. Way to fail kid
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matey  +   1735d ago
Big wii game announcements incoming i think maybe some cross overs with 3DS
Titanz  +   1735d ago
A plethora of Nintendo developed motion plus games, will be more than enough for me.

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