Looking back: The Legend of Zelda

The original Legend of Zelda launched in the US 20 years ago (August 22, 1987), and a brand new chapter, Phantom Hourglass, is on our doorstep. To celebrate two magical decades of Hyrule, Games Radar blow the magic whistle and explore the wide world of Zelda, exposing its successes, secrets and shames for all to see, and there's a grading system for each title.

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Dr Pepper4066d ago

While I really like Ocarina of Time (one of my favorite games), I still play Zelda Majora's Mask more. I think that game is awesome.

ParaDise_LosT4066d ago

Best game franchies in the buisness IMO
I rather have a new nextgen Zelda game than Killzone2, Halo 3,and Crysis combined....
I maybe an Xbox fan now but I don't stray from my roots :) I still love Nintendo and LoZ is still my fav franchies....

Rooftrellen4066d ago

Looking back, one has to wonder how it will end.

Zelda games seem to always come back with a seemingly totally new story and world. Heck, we know most, if not all, of the Links are different people, but it seems Gannondorf never dies (maybe a perk to being the only male of his race every 100 years?)

There are so many characters that just leave and we get the feeling they'll come back...but also so many different times and lands.

No one can argue that Zelda, though it hasn't changed much in nearly 10 years, never fails to change to something totally new every incarnation, and that's what keeps it one of the must haves every time it comes out.

By the way, Paradise, I love the pictures. Ahh, memories...

ChickeyCantor4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

although allot would disagree, Windwaker had something special just like Links awakening on the gameboy.

it seems that as long Ganon has the triforce of power he will reincarnate

Laexerias4066d ago

I can say one thing to you all, its not like every Zelda, but its a great Game.


There is no Ganon

ChickeyCantor4065d ago

you call that a spoiler ?XD
if you playe wind waker you know he gets left behind underwater with the mastersword.