The 'unhackable' Wii gets hacked

MyWii have received a tip that a European online retailer is to commence selling the first and only mod chip for the previously 'unhackable' D2C chipset Wii. It will reportedly go on sale in 10 days time but there is a huge catch, it requires a 30 wire installation.

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GuardianEarth3826d ago

Nintendo ever calling Wii unhackable. That was Microsoft.

Relientk773826d ago

oh it was bound to happen... hackers are getting very smart these days

sloth4urluv3826d ago

I wonder what exactly that FPGA is doing?

djt233826d ago

30 wire installation.
someone is going to [email protected]% their wii

Silvia0073826d ago

Now I can download wii-fit... yeah right,

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