A History of Sex & Games

Atomic Live (Australia): "With more subscribers than World of Warcraft and a development cycle spanning millions of years, sex is the game everyone wants to play and no one wants to lose. Video gaming – as a prime example of interaction tied up in entertainment – should gravitate towards sex with the ease of two lovers hitting each other up for sweaty action, but it didn't quite work out that way. While the sexual world now nests comfortably in film, literature and music, video gaming has long held it at arms-length, even as it embraced the dogs of war..."

This 4-page article also looks at some A-list digital hotties (p. 2), sexually-themed games that are effectively banned in Australia (p. 2), and the new field of 'teledildonics' - new gadgets that turn PC and consoles into interactive sex toys (pp. 3-4).

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