StarCraft II Updates

Some StarCraft II bits and peices for you this evening. First up, the latest StarCraft 2 Q&A session, batch15 to be precise, has now been released by Blizard and covers topics such as caster units, the Ghost units and more.

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Cartesian3D4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

1 - eat WoW:BC(2,4 million first day),HALO (2.4 million first day),Harry potter(!!!),spiderman,... and so on in First day sales,overall sales etc

2- eat any other Multiplayer game in amount of tournaments,prizes and etc...

3- IS THE BIGGEST GAME OF 2008 believe it or not..

Blizzard , insomniac , square enix, Capcom , KOJIMA,,KOJIMA,KOJIMA,Noughty dog... I LOVE U .. I am a Gamer cuz of u

Lotto4065d ago

This game is gonna sell very well indeed. It looks so much like SC1 and SC1 still have a huge fan base in South korea etc.

Tyrael4065d ago

lol true that, but huge is actually an understatement. I mean seriously, they have a TV channel dedicated to Starcraft games. Looking forward to SC2 and hopefully D3