ModNation: A Greatest Hit with Over 2 Million Creations

PS Blog: "We gave YOU the tools to Race, Create, and Share and you have made over 2 million creations and ModNation Racers has officially achieved Greatest Hits status! That means you can get your hands on a copy of ModNation Racers for only $29.99! Thank you and Congratulations! On top of this we have more great original DLC content releasing this year."

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UNCyrus2428d ago

I need to jump back into this game... Like LBP, with the user-generated-content, it just keeps getting better with time.

Yi-Long2428d ago

... however, all the DLC for it has made me decide that I'll wait for a GOTY-release.

New snow-levels look cool though. I hope there will be snowfall as well.

ABizzel12428d ago

I'll pick the game up now. It just didn't have the same charm that LBP had, it's a good game, but I just couldn't bring myself to pay $60 for it. But $30 is a good deal for it.

despair2428d ago

yea I agree, I'm more a leech so I let some really good stuff build up and get them all, I can't make anything for the life of me. Now where did I put my copy?

blumatt2428d ago

I bought Modnation Racers when it first came out, but sadly traded it in for something else. I might pick this up again. Such a fun game.

cliffbo2428d ago

it's a pity you can't have a side view of the game so that you could make car platformers

despair2428d ago

hahaha, seems like LBP2 has you spoiled.

LoneWanderer092428d ago

I need to purchase this game is Next on my list


The game is great.

Just more variety of weapons and it should be perfect.

manman62428d ago

Haven't played the game in a while probably have to go back to check out some new creations.