Fallout 3: Interview with Lead Producer Gavin Carter

GameShark chats with Gavin Carter, Lead Producer of Fallout 3 about the nuts and bolts of this highly anticipated post-nuclear next-gen RPG. The topics covered in this 3-page interview are: design goal, story and setting, comparison with Oblivion, gameplay mechanics, size and scope of the game world, character development system (SPECIAL), combat system, camera and perspective, freedom in interacting with NPCs and the world, user interface, mods and gamer community, features that stand out above the others, and expectations and controversial reactions of longtime Fallout fans.

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MK_Red4094d ago

Great find and good interview and...

OMFG!!! Deathclaws are BACK! Seriously awesome. "We’re also not letting creatures level up their abilities with you; a Deathclaw will always be a Deathclaw." Double Awesome.

Captain Tuttle4094d ago

But what do you mean "They're back"? They never left, did they? I can't remember if they were in Fallout: POS...I mean BOS. Hell, you could even recruit them for your squad in "Tactics".

Good interview though.

S1D3 EFFEC74094d ago

I dont have a high end PC, so I need to know this.

Captain Tuttle4094d ago

Yeah, it's coming to the 360 and the PS3. It's addressed in the interview.

gamesR4fun4094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

wonder if they'll have vehicles too?
still looks like it'll be a great game especially if it can b modded.

edit Ill def buy it if they give it linux support like ut3