Bungie Responds to 640p Claims

Bungie confirms that Halo 3 does indeed run natively at 640p and explains why this is so - simply, for their lighting engine:

"One item making the interwebs rounds this week was the scandalous revelation that Halo 3 runs at "640p" which isn't even technically a resolution. However, the interweb detectives did notice that Halo 3's vertical resolution, when captured from a frame buffer, is indeed 640 pixels. So what gives? Did we short change you 80 pixels?

Naturally it's more complicated than that. In fact, you could argue we gave you 1280 pixels of vertical resolution, since Halo 3 uses not one, but two frame buffers – both of which render at 1152x640 pixels. The reason we chose this slightly unorthodox resolution and this very complex use of two buffers is simple enough to see – lighting. We wanted to preserve as much dynamic range as possible – so we use one for the high dynamic range and one for the low dynamic range values. Both are combined to create the finished on screen image.

This ability to display a full range of HDR, combined with our advanced lighting, material and postprocessing engine, gives our scenes, large and small, a compelling, convincing and ultimately "real" feeling, and at a steady and smooth frame rate, which in the end was far more important to us than the ability to display a few extra pixels. Making this decision simpler still is the fact that the 360 scales the
"almost-720p" image effortlessly all the way up to 1080p if you so desire.

In fact, if you do a comparison shot between the native 1152x640 image and the scaled 1280x720, it's practically impossible to discern the difference. We would ignore it entirely were it not for the internet's propensity for drama where none exists. In fact the reason we haven't mentioned this before in weekly updates, is the simple fact that it would have distracted conversation away from more important aspects of the game, and given tinfoil hats some new gristle to chew on as they catalogued their toenail clippings."

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ShiftyLookingCow4069d ago

this whole quote is contained in Bungie's recent update

TriggerHappy4069d ago

Yes...of course, but people won't know that unless this story is approved. If this fails...then instead another news site is going to pick up on it and publish it as it's own - and we'll see it in a couple of days.

N4g should be there first just like every other social site.

stunt2134068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

lolololololololololol that is a low ass resolution and somehow ps3 always get bash for having 30FPS

Lacarious4068d ago

You rock!

what's next... black bars on the side of the screen in co-op?

SonySoldiers4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

As easy as ABC:

A. Please hurt/attack the xbots psychologically the best you can till they get mad.

B. Do not talk about any xbot games, PS3 games are most important.

C. Praise Sony's ultimate console above anything else.

We'd like to thank y'all for your cooperation to fail the xbots and XCOW 360.

C_SoL4066d ago

this game still looks like sh*t. and ive played it. but dont get me wrong it looks better than HALO 2. still the graphics are sh*tty.

C_SoL4066d ago

this game still looks like sh*t. and ive played it. but dont get me wrong it looks better than HALO 2. still the graphics are sh*tty. by the way this reply has nothing to do with ur comment.

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ReBurn4069d ago

Does it affect your gaming experience? Or would you never had known if someone didn't let the drama llama loose on it?

ShiftyLookingCow4068d ago

because of about 20% percent less quality my life wasn't changed like it was promised and I didn't get laid. I am going to sue Bungie

jackdoe4068d ago

I agree, I personally am not quite techie enough to notice it.

i Shank u4068d ago

i could careless bout the resolution; but is this the reason why there are jaggies all over the place? i love halo 3, play it as much as any halo-fiend should, but i dont think ive ever seen this many jaggies in a 360 game. anyone got an opinion on that? i play 37 in LCD 720p, anyone else see what im seeing?

Azurite4068d ago

More like 184320 pixels short.

WafflesID4068d ago

Drama llama....*spit* HAHAHa
oh how am I going to clean this pop out of my keyboard...

BulletToothtony4068d ago

because the 30fps on madden the ps3 was lacking was made one of the biggest news for a good couple of weeks..

ooooh it feels different when it's on your end doesn't it.

halo should've been better not because it's halo but because the fans deserved it and they knew they were gonna make 200 million dollar profit.. that's why

wasted4068d ago

good comment wafflesid, a lazy job bugie have done in development just to bring in the money, they have lost my respect.

ReBurn4068d ago

I never complained about Madden running in 30 FPS. I don't think that it detracted from the mediocrity of Madden 2008 in any way.

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power of Green 4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Motive is importand I don't think this is post to help this wonderful site, this site is used as a platform for haters using this news as some sort of anti MSFT tool when infact NO ONE GIVES A SH*T. If it looks better it is better(HD rezs)...

Rather have the lighting it helps people miss and is more realistic...

jcgamer4068d ago

but anything with something negative to say, or perceived negative, about Sony is instant spam...if it wasn't for Halo 3, there would hardly be any stories on N4G this week...and I OWN Halo 3, love the graphics, love the gameplay, and millions of others are playing a game already that isn't even a week't Lair 1080p?...I wouldn't know...maybe they would like to play that...

jaaz4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

but this is clearly damage control on Bungie's part (if the post is true).

What I don't understand is why even respond to the 640p claim to do damage control? Do they really need to after selling a gazillion copies?

ShiftyLookingCow4068d ago

its everywhere, from here to joystiq and some other places, probably even in their forums.

BADBOYEK44068d ago

It Realy Doesnt Matter weather Bungie Responded Or not,Halo 3 is a beautiful Game on my Samsung Running 1080P.

bym051d4068d ago

Perhaps you can't tell the difference in 640p and 540p. Then, you can't tell the difference in 540p and 480p. Where does it end?

WafflesID4068d ago


Are you for real? Seriously, thats just the weakest argument I've ever heard.

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tonsoffun4068d ago

But to be honest, who cares?

It still is a great game, regardless of the 'native resolution'

For all the naysayers, stop b!tching and enjoy the game....

bym051d4068d ago

Agreed. Quality of game > resoulution of game. At least the 360 owners can scale to 1080i whereas the PS3 owners can only downscale to 480p if their owners' tv doesn't support 720p.

m91058264068d ago

Yeah... the 1080i issue got fixed... like a long while ago... when they enabled scaling.