Soul Calibur IV: TGS 07 Characters and Online Interview

Soul Calibur IV interview on how is the online play and will we be seeing characters from other franchises.

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DemiseofPandas3615d ago

I remember playing soul calibur 2 with my buds every weekend for months and months, so many memories, and practically something for every character. Can't wait to see what kind of modes the game will have. The dungeon in 2 with different objectives was really fun, and 3's psuedo RTS fighter was great.

Hulk04083615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

how about Nariko from heavenly sword as an exclusive character for the PS3 version that would be cool and ryu from ninja gaiden for the xbox 360 version

Laexerias3615d ago

Why the hell Nariko?

Btw. Gametrailers went wrong, there is no Soul Calibur 4 for Wii. :(

Frances-the-Mute3615d ago

i doubt 360 would get Ryu from NG, since NG games can also be found in sony and nintendo platforms, maybe the guy from Lost Odyssey, for PS3, they can get Kratos or Nariko since they have blade weapons and are sony exclusive or why not Ratchet lol his wrench would cause havok lol

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The story is too old to be commented.