Findley: 'I already know what Hunted 2 would look like'

InXile Entertainment's President Matt Findley has told GamerZines that he "already knows what Hunted 2 would look like", despite the first game not being due for release until June.

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midgard2272614d ago

to me hunted was an insta fail when there wasnt splitscreen coop. i wont buy this game twice jus to play it with my gf. how dare them compare themselves to RE5 if they dont even do splitscreen? fail

CranberryPub2614d ago

They do have splitscreen now. I don't think any of today's published previews have picked up on it.

kookie2614d ago

I love sequels hahahaha

stuntman_mike2614d ago

the game aint even out yet, and it might not sell enough to warrant a sequel.