IGN Reviews: NBA 08

When the PSP version was released last year alongside the PS2, it was somewhat surprising to note that it was the best basketball title from Sony's studios. The portable title merged the elements of the court game and its colored halo shooting mechanic with some of the most addictive and engaging sports mini-games. What's more, it fully took advantage of the online and even peripheral capabilities of the system, making it a showcase sports game for the PSP. How could Sony follow up on such a strong title? By releasing NBA 08, a game that builds on the strengths of last year's title with deeper features and more mini-games than ever before.

Once again, NBA 08 for the PSP doesn't focus on The Life like the PS2 version of the game, nor does it have a Progression Hub for created players akin to the PS3 title. What it does once again is pack in a ton of basketball and basketball related mini-games onto a tiny UMD. The same pack of gameplay modes from last year return in this year's title: exhibition, season, playoffs, shoot around, free throw and the pickup game make an appearance, with the option to play online pickup and exhibition games. The standard Sony All-Star weekend package is back, with the 3 point contest, All-Star Game and Skills Challenge included. The Dunk Contest, which was a new addition last year, has been excluded in this version of the game. That's not much of a loss, since that mini-game sucked, but considering that there's nothing new with the All-Star Weekend, it's a little disappointing that something didn't take its place.

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Ri0tSquad4094d ago

really bad. The psp version is a buy 8.4/10 is great.

khellendros14094d ago

Well I've played all 3 basketball demos and I like NBA 08 the best of all 3. NBA 2K8 is almost as good though. The shooting is a little easier on 2K.