How to set up and play The Eye of Judgment

Up until recently, details have been sparse in regards to how you'll actually be playing The Eye of Judgment, but just in case you still have some questions, this video should spell everything out for you.

While the game seems to live up to its billing, we could have used some battle music when the game transitions to combat mode. The lovely music is nice for a lonely walk in the woods, but when a flock of dwarves is battling a winged demon astride a three-headed beast, we expect to be blasted with some metal ... or even country music at the very least.

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Sevir043673d ago

what the PS eye was going to be doing for video games. this is awesome stuff. this game will rock epscially online while playing against your friend.

TheUltimatePS3Fanboy3673d ago

Yes I would like to know more about the new PS EYE games. Hopefully this will be another reason for people to buy a ps3.

Torch3673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

from PSN last night, and only then saw it for the first time, despite hearing the name thrown around here and there.

Never expected it to be anything like this. Funky, to say the least.

It keeps reminding me of the movie, uh...what was it, Star Wars: A New Hope???...where the characters are playing a futuristic version of chess, but with holographic 3D little characters who battle it out on the board.

I'm not usually into the D&D/card-role-playing type of stuff, but I've gotta say these Eye of Judgment videos have got me quite intrigued.

Play B3yond indeed.

Bolts3673d ago

Why the hell would I want to play a board game with my PS3? I mean thats what I always wanted to do with my PS3, play some kind of freaking real life card game against it...not. Neat idea but it seems someone didn't exactly think this concept through.

Baba19063673d ago

i find it quite interesting i must say. i for example love card games and suff like that. but most my freinds are not so much into that kind of things, sure u could find a club or something but well, to geeky =D. so why not play it online. its the same as mmoprg.playing world of warcraft is as playing roleplaying board games like D&D but with online people. its just easier it get into it. couse u dont need to meet someone, get pen and paper and so on. making it into a console game and online u can much faster and easier reach other poeple with the same likes as u. Ucan still inv freidns over to play it, or just do it online, or if u watn against a npc.

twho thumbs up

the worst3673d ago

4 the party games that comes out later

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