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Edge Interview: Alex Rigopulos

Edge: For Prince – or indeed the artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince – it took a silly change of name, some even sillier face paint and some good old courtroom drama to break free from his label. For band game pioneer Harmonix, Viacom saved it the effort. Announcing its exit from console gaming following a downturn in the music game business, the MTV owner put the studio up for sale before shuttering its entire MTV Games division.

Now owned by investment firm Columbus Nova, Harmonix finds itself back in the indie section with much to consider. The demise of Activision’s Guitar Hero, the future of Kinect hit Dance Central, the profitability of Rock Band and a legal spat between Viacom and its former shareholders. In his only European interview on the matter, CEO Alex Rigopulos sets the stage. (Alex Rigopulos, Industry)

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