PS3 vs. 3DO: Is the Comparison Valid?

At almost one year into its lifecycle, the PlayStation 3 has certainly not sold at the clip Sony would have hoped for, largely because of its steep price. Unless that rumored $399 model reveals itself soon, this holiday is going to be another tough battle for the $499/$599 PS3, competing with a $349 pro SKU Xbox 360 ($279 core) and a $249 Wii.

One anonymous respectable industry veteran told GameDaily BIZ that his company has been referring to the PS3 as the 'PS3DO' for some time now. The 3DO, introduced by EA founder Trip Hawkins back in 1993, sported cutting-edge tech for its time. A steep price ($699) and a lack of any real "killer apps" didn't allow the platform to live out the 32-bit era, however. By 1996 it was officially dead. 3DO's marketing even promoted the platform not as a video game console but more as a high-end audio/visual product. Sound familiar?

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BADBOYEK44092d ago

Hell Yea Its VALID thats What I Call It ,The PS3DO.

Gizmo_Logix4092d ago

But is the comparison to 3DO fair? David Cole of market research firm DFC Intelligence certainly doesn't think so.

"I don't think there is any comparison at all to the PS3 and 3DO," he said. "The main argument would be that they were both priced high at launch. But 3DO was a startup company with a different business model to license their platform to hardware manufacturers who could really have cared less about promoting the platform. They also didn't have software support and thus they didn't have games to drive the platform. With no games, a shoestring marketing budget and no consumer base to start with it sold less than a million units in the time it was on the market."

By contrast, Cole said that the PlayStation brand and strong software support have already made a huge difference for PS3. "The PS3 has all kinds of software support, billions of dollars in backing, a well known brand name, they are able to do marketing and it sold more units in its first few days on the market than the 3DO did in the 3 years or so it was on the market," he continued. "PS3DO sounds cute and catchy, but as an actual basis for comparison it is pretty useless."

Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter agrees. "It's a pretty stupid (and unfair) comparison," he said. "3DO was a new platform, no brand ID, not compatible with legacy software, and with no first or third party support. The PS3 has a great brand, a loyal customer base, is generally backward compatible, has a ton of third party support, and an ever-increasing number of good first party titles. I hope the industry veteran was kidding. If he was serious, he's a fool."

hazeblaze4092d ago

Thanks for setting the fanboys straight! Sounds funny & all, sure... but there's really nothing to compare. The PS3 is actually a good systems with great games... The 3DO was LOL candy.

stee1564092d ago

Joke nicknames only work when its actually shorter then the current nickname. So if theyre trying to make this catch on.....just no.

Also the guy criticizing the nickname guy is correct, sony has a huge fanbase as well as deep pockets. Not only that but the ps3 will be getting a huge ass amount of games in November. Anybody who complains about no games for the ps3 after November needs their head checked.

PimpHandHappy4092d ago

you just got owned! I wonder what i would find if i look at your track record? Oh yea total fan boy


does your aZZ hurt buddy because Gizmo just raped you with knowledge!


actionjackson4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

I beg to differ . . . First and foremost, the article is more about price than anything. I will even take away Sony's experience in the gaming industry for arguement's sake. The main difference is the 2007 consumer vs. the 1993 consumer. In 1993, $699 was an astronomical figure. In a time when a $200 console seemed like a luxury item, $699 was just way out of everyones league. In today's dollar value, $699 for technology is almost nothing. Now, people are spending thousands on TV's, thousands on computers, hundreds on cell phones/mp3 players, hundreds on pocket thin cameras, hundreds on jeans, hundreds on sunglasses, etc. We live in the MTV/VH1/E! era, where everything is Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, Diesel, Gucci, Prada, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche, etc. In relation to 1993, there is no match. Back then, only the really rich had those products. Today these price points are mainstream america. Consumers nowadays can pay $699. Especially in the US, where cars that are $100K are almost everywhere. $599 for a PS3 doesn't phase them. This comparison, even after discounting Sony's lineage, is absolutely ridiculous.

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Greysturm4092d ago

This is just flamebait..

Its one guys opinion discredited by others.

Xbox is the BEST4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

did not sell 5 million worldwide and no one buys games for our system. By comparison 11 moths in the 360 had 9 games selling more than a million each. PS3 has 2

hazeblaze4092d ago

#1- The PS3 has over 5 million dollar sellers

#2- The 360 did not

djt234092d ago

lol lol lol
that is just worry

rbanke4092d ago

Isnt the ps3 selling about the same as the ps2 did in its first year (a bit less but not much, and the ps2 had less competition). And also selling similarly to what the 360 did in its first year? I dont really see where all the 'amagad ps3 is dieing' is coming from. its not blowing the doors of sales charts,but its by no means a non seller.

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