PSN at Home Warhawk Tournament with Sweet Prizes

PSN at Home is Hosting a Warhawk tournament with some sweet prizes such as a Collectable MGS4 Case and Warhawk Strategy guides... not only that but the first 20 to register will get the Collectable Warhawk "Wings" Pin that the top 100 players in the beta got.


New Update for this, Proof this is not a Scam!

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LSDARBY4095d ago

I would sign up but its a bit of a b*tch to have to put in your account details.

chasegamez4095d ago

it can be a scam
im holding off 4 now

MrTeenie4095d ago

Not a scam, they had a Raffle where tickets were $5 only 1 ticket sold person who bought still got it...

gamesR4fun4094d ago

some ok stuff but they shoulda gone with a 5-10$ registration and given everyone a pin... that and some real prizes I mean don't play in the big leagues if you don't know the game.

Lumbo4094d ago

Hmm, so they pilfered them self an empty MGS4 show case and have the nerve to call it "Collectable" ( ain't it "collectible"?) and got a handful of free promo material from Sony on a "here, take this marketing crap stuff and stop pestering me" basis.

And then they set up a $2 entry fee competition.

And someone would even sign up for that?

I have seen worse fund rising moves, but not many.

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The story is too old to be commented.