Don’t Buy the Nintendo 3DS For the 3D

A few reasons why you shouldn’t buy the Nintendo 3DS simply for the 3D.

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lepolohuevo2612d ago

True, though I'll admit it IS an interesting feature but indeed not a mandatory one, games will look fine either way.

However, I really want to see what Zelda will look like popping out of the screen (same goes with MGS.)

Infiny2612d ago

That's a matter of opinion, likewise, i also disagree. =P

Dark_Charizard2612d ago

Sorry little infiny, but I am stating a fact.

SnakeMustDie2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Some people might not like the same things you do so you need to respect other people's opinions.

Infiny2612d ago

Sorry "little Charizard", but if you want to "state a fact" then you must explain it, because you are just pointing out your opinion.

And like i said, preferences of games (and Hardwares.. lol *note that i am being sarcastic here*) are just a matter of opinion from person to person regardless of sales, reviews or whatever.

But let's be more "rational" then, if you want to compare a game by its "facts": no game is perfect. And honestly? Newer Zeldas didn't "catch me" like OoT or Link to the past, just like newer MGS didn't have the same effect on me like Snake Eater.

All of them are great games, but which one is better, is just a matter of opinion.

bananlol2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

What a awkward comparison, but few games can stand up to snake eater so i have to disagree. You believing your opinion to be a fact says alot about your ability to think rationally.

Baka-akaB2612d ago


There is no fact on your end , only BS .

A fact would be that both are genre defining , and manage to reinvente their genre each new game . But it stops there .

The rest is personal preference

Infiny2612d ago

Thank you Baka-akaB, that's what i was saying. ;D

n4f2611d ago

its not even in the same league
not even story, action, character, place, year, technology, speech, music, type of boss, the way you play, puzzle, game play , how you finish it,

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Kalowest2612d ago

The 3D is just the bonus, i want it for all the others features. And Pokemon Gray3D lol.

Jio2612d ago

Even if it didnt have 3D I would still get it, the features and games are amazing.

Cant wait for Snake Eater 3D!

phantomexe2612d ago

With backwards ability of old games and we all know the 3DS is going end up with big 3rd party support as all nintendo handhelds do. It's going be a scrapeing for pennies year.

Leonesaurus2612d ago

Who honestly cares about the 3D aspect to it? It's a bonus in everyone's mindset, but I honestly believe what has everyone interested in buying the system are the awesome graphics, the analog stick being implemented, and the amazing game line-up.

Ocarina of Time, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Star Fox and more are what pull me into buying the new handheld.

3D is just a nice add-on that everyone's throwing a fuss over now due to the side-effects. Nothing changes for me.

Infiny2612d ago

Indeed, i completely agree with you.

I buying it for the games, not for the 3D (it's just an add-on);

It is now a "fact" (that's for you little charizard) that the 3D can give you headaches from long uses (more then 30 min), and i will probably play a LOT more then 30 min on 3DS on a roll, therefore, 3D will not be a "must buy" for me, but the games will.

Neo Nugget2612d ago

Finally. People start to see things my way ^_^

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