How to Go 501-8 in Black Ops: You Paying Attention Game Developers?

K.L. Smith: Never have I witnessed a massacre on this scale — Five Hundred Kills!? Skyllus and I discussed some of the issues with developers creating the spawn systems in a way that become easy to “trap” and the negative effects it has on the casual players. If this video isn’t an eye opener to spawn camping, I don’t know what is.


Working video:

The article was also updated with the vid showing that he boosted his kills.

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alien6261913d ago

Call of a Duty is a broken game...

RonaldRaygun1913d ago

It really is. CoD devs really need to start balance testing their MP a LOT more before release.

deadpoole1913d ago

Rule of Thumb ... anything starting with Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, Inifnity Ward, Treyarch, Activision ... stay away or as a matter of fact, run as fast as you can away from their products. They are and will be broke ... atleast this gen.

FACTUAL evidence1913d ago


Ok now, back to reality....telling COD noobs to stay away from anything COD, is like telling a crackhead to quit cold turkey. Not happening.

GrieverSoul1913d ago

Too bad the guy is a booster and it was staged...

SpitFireAce851913d ago

They don't care as long as they sell Millions
and morons buy it thats the why its going to be.

rockleex1913d ago

Check out tdogg's Youtube link.

Even though it was staged, skip forward 2:30 minutes into the video.

Just look at how bad the spawning system is.

The game is spawning half the enemies in the exact same spot where the camper is... for 3 minutes straight!

Come on, that's just plain bad programming.

Ducky1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

^ The spawns are that way due to the demolition game-mode.
The teams have a more or less static spawn location unlike TDM where the spawn-location moves around.

Pointless boosting attempt anyways since KDR doesn't matter much in an objective-based game-mode.

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DelbertGrady1913d ago

Broken game. Only Bungie and DICE have managed to release FPS games with somewhat properly balanced MP this gen.

The Meerkat1913d ago

Black Ops makes me angry.
When I die in Black Ops I never feel that its my fault.

When I die in Halo its always my fault, and that is a situation that I am far happier with.

dlohnug1912d ago

I've played Halo for 3 hours in my entire life, I've played black ops for a day now. And I can say, without a doubt, that you are super correct!

limewax1913d ago

Actually CoD 2 and 3 were fairly close to being well balanced. Thats the embarassing thing, their earliest entries to this gen were more balanced than the crap they push out annually now

rockleex1913d ago

COD4 was pretty balanced too.

eterry1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

there boosting tho, this video catches it

tdogg060519911913d ago

But as close to cheating as can be

NoobJobz1913d ago

Not boosting? Ok. Giving someone free kills to "boost" a KD ratio or other things is boosting.

LunaticBrandon1913d ago

That doesn't change the fact he was sitting at a spawn point and knifing

Firstkn1ghT1913d ago

boring video. kid has zero skills.

maverick11911913d ago


treyarch i hope you watch this and sort it out

maverick11911913d ago

indeed the one thing i like about this COD is that you can catch them by viewing there matches

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