3DS AR Games: PSP go grave edition

PSP go gets turned into a grave through the 3DS' Augmented Reality capabilities.

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FlyWestbrook1976d ago

There's gonna be some crazy stuff happening with this AR stuff.

klado1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Wondering though, why is that the ngp don't need card to do this? gut a solid platform to lay its cam on?

Scottyabanks1976d ago

Nintendo fanboys. I thought they had all died out. Guess I was wrong.

HolyOrangeCows1976d ago

Congrats on "killing" a specific SKU of a handheld from a previous generation which was its first outing in the handheld market, 3DS.

Silly fanboys and their >Implying

Wenis1976d ago

I think you take things too seriously.

GodHandDee1976d ago

Yeah using a feature giving results available on the psp even, yeah, it's just sad.

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