Dualshock 3 Bundle Deals! Three bundles to choose from creating the ULTIMATE combo pack

Conflicting Gamers, "There have been some great deals on Xbox 360 controllers lately but what about for the PS3? Behold… we have unearthed the ULTIMATE combo packs. Three bundles to choose from saving you a bundle of dough!!"

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fromasterjay2363d ago

SCORE! My PS3 controller just broke!

Yi-Long2363d ago

... too bad I live in Europe, where we will never-ever get this deal, and a controller costs us 60 EURO(!)

SCEE Sucks.

NewZealander2363d ago

yeah awesome deal, i can only hope they get over here, a control costs about $90 NZD here.

crzyjackbauer2363d ago

my ps3 controller fells like a used hore
the thumbsticks are just loose as hell
wheres the KZ2 bundle? been meaning to buy that game and a new controller

mugoldeneagle032363d ago

We've had them at my Best Buy for the past month, maybe more. Unless this is for the UK?

ispendallday2363d ago

That makes sense!? Go to Best Buy and pay more for not only the bundle but for TAX as well!!

If you read the article, you would see this is NEWS referring to a DEAL on the Dualshock 3 ULTIMATE combo pack.

mugoldeneagle032363d ago

Your right, saving $5 after a month on shelves is soooo worth it and I can't thank you enough to opening my eyes to what a great deal this is. Now I can spend my extra $4.68 on my dinner tonight. SWEET an extra side

SeNiLesBack2363d ago

You know that's close to a $10 savings right... Not just $4.68 or whatever it is for tax? Plus the bundle is saving you money. Not sure what your problem is mug... Did you get burned by Sony or something?

ispendallday2363d ago

Looks like a few don't care to save any money. All good. It all adds up at the end of the day. Those that like saving will take advantage of the deal if they're in need.

mugoldeneagle032363d ago

No? I'm on my 3rd PS3, have over 50+ games, bunch of Blu Rays. Don't even own a Wii or 360 actually.

All I said was these controller bundles were old, and not much of a deal. Or news for that matter.

Maybe worry less about my console stance and more about the point I was trying to make? Just a thought

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SeNiLesBack2363d ago

I could use another PS3 controller, just wish I could choose the color, not the color chosen for me!!

NoobJobz2363d ago

Or just go on eBay and get them for $40 or less for both the game and controller.

Bounkass2363d ago

Lol @ ugly controllers...

MintBerryCrunch2363d ago

ugly as in color? what does color have to do with the design of the controller...

is this your attempt at trolling.......badly?

ispendallday2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

Are you getting the black, red or blue one? Or is it, the God of War Collection, LittleBigPlanet or Ratchet & Clank?

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