Eternal Sonata: Ars Technica Review

Eternal Sonata is a rare game that reaches beyond the realm of the video game form for something approaching true artistry. Tri-Crescendo's title is easily the best Japanese RPG to hit a current generation console so far, but it's more than that. There's so much richness to the artistic masterpiece that is Chopin's dreamland that one will enjoy the fact that the game promotes multiple play-throughs and saves some content for the successive runs.

It may not have the scale, scope, depth, or complexity in play that some would expect from this era of games, but what it lacks in those areas is more than made up for with a story mingling philosophy and culture together with an aural and visual presentation that works as effectively as the artistic mind it's based on.

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WafflesID4067d ago

And yet retarded american's will screw this title out of sales so we won't get any more decent JRPGs in the states because nobody will take a chance on making any more.

Noodlecup4066d ago

True, why play a gorgeous and deep RPG (compared to other genres out there) when you can shoot things....

America is dumb as sh!t when it comes to entertainment;

Halo 3 breaks records
300 sells out in the box office
50 Cent sells millions of records in just weeks

It's time to get smart and wipe the drool of your chin(s).

kewlkat0074066d ago

I love RPG's and this one deserve some playing time.