Dark_AleX Universal Slim & Fat Unbricker

Dark_Alex is back with his latest and probably last contribution to the the psp scene.

The universal psp unbricker is a tool witch does exactly what it say: Unbricking normal (phat) and lite (slim) psp's.

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Mikey_Gee4011d ago

Followed the link, took me to his site .. where is the link.

Maybe I am blind ??

TheMART4011d ago

Click the green link. You'll get to a Spanish website:

The link is in the first post

fury4011d ago

Mart has a PSP? Who would've thought that...omg..

Poisen4011d ago

Okay am I stupid or what...what is an unbricker?

boi4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

It has been reported some cases of bricks in the previous version when pressing circle in the bsod. This seems apparently to be a bug in the sony firmware code.

To fix it, this version will copy the registry of the psp that created the memory stick.

to make things short if you brick your psp installing custom firmware then use this to unbrick you psp to get it working again...