65nm Xbox360's (Premium) spotted out in the Wild

A user on the Ars Techica and official Xbox forums noticed major design differences with his new Xbox360, differences that seem to indicate the fabled 65nm chip is now out in the wild. Perhaps this will resolve the overheating issue that has resulted in so many issues over the past couple of years. Combined with HDMI becoming standard on new Premium 360's will this be enough to make you think about upgrading?

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TheMART4066d ago

Notice also the extra heatsink on the GPU is in the new 360's standard also.

Repaired 360's also all come back with the extra heatsink, they also use BenQ drives now standard instead of the loud Hitachi's.

Excalibur4066d ago

To an Elite after the New Year.

SuperSaiyan44066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

For an extra heatsink on the GPU because as far as I was made aware 65nm applies to both CPU and GPU and if it gives less heat why bother with an extra heatsink?
Also this is hardly proof that it is even the new 65nm.

PS360PCROCKS4066d ago

No. The GPU and CPU are two seperate entities. This is a 65nm CPU, not GPU. The GPU is what is overheating and separating it's self from the board because of the lack of airflow pulling the heat away and the lack of space it has to breathe as the DVD drive sits directly above the GPU. This will help dissipate some of the heat inside of the system but the GPU still gets far far too hot.

TheMART4066d ago

Why bother about the extra heatsink?

Because even with less heat because of the 65 nm GPU, the extra heatsink on the GPU will get the heat spreaded more. I guess MS takes no risk at all and get the motherboard as cool as possible.

PS360PCROCKS4066d ago

Mart. This is a 65NM CPU their talking about. The GPU is coming later but for now the first thing going into the 360 is a 65NM CPU.

Rockstar4066d ago

Still gonna wait until there is some way of being absolutely sure of getting a good one.

Plus, I'll wait for reports to see if the 65nm makes a difference with the RROD. And it would be cool if they all came standard with the quiet drive.

ps3tag4066d ago

argh .. this is driving me crazy because i HAVE to go out and get an xbox this weekend.

fjtorres4066d ago

With the extra heatsink even the 90nm boards are good to go. And all have the 3 year warranty.

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The story is too old to be commented.