Rumor: Xbox 360 Core Discontinued

Apparently an email has come down informing store managers to pull down any signage regarding the Xbox 360 core system, because once their current stock is gone there isn't going to be anymore. Seems like stores are preparing for the rumored new Core system, that comes with the 256MB memory card and wireless controllers.

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Excalibur4092d ago

Just upgraded.
And it's about time too!!

G_CodeMonkey4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

to $249 for the holidays (my best guess) will throw it into even higher gear. The reason not to drop the price yet is folks are still picking them up with Halo, etc. But come Black Friday, setting it at the same price of the Wii with the new goodies will make it a huge draw. gCM

Edit: CadDad- no, except they're selling at current price as fast as they can make them (Wii), with no sign of slowing, so no reason to even consider a cut yet. A 360 cut would put "some" pressure on Wii and a lot more pressure on Sony, but the da** soccer moms and unwashed masses (non-core gamers) just have to have the latest thing, which at least in the media and water-cooler talk is the Wii. Not a bad point, though.

CadDad4092d ago

They might go to $250, but what's stopping Nintendo from dropping to 199.99? or even a killer 149.99. Anyone think the Wii would slow down at those price points this holiday?


Squeezle4092d ago

I don't know why anyone would buy a next gen console without an HDD... It's pretty much neccessary nowadays. This is just a rumor of course, but if they did drop the core completely, i think it would be a good choice. Stick with the Premium and Elite!

THAMMER14092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

But I have a lil girl who only would need game saves. There is no way she needs a 20 gig HDD. The core is a good option for average gamers and lil kids.

The core PS2 was the PS2 that took off and made the big sales break. I have only seen 2 - 3 PS2's with the HDD. Ever PS2 I have seen is the core with one or two memory cards.

The core is a great option for casual gamers and kids.


Tell me why? I see no credible reason why this would be an issue. Tell me why do you really think this way.

tethered4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )


You say the core is a great option for casual gamers and kids and I agree.
But is was a really bad decision for the developers and hard core gamers such as yourself.

I still say they made a really bad decision with not including an HDD in every 360. They took a step backward from the original x box in my opinion.

@ THAMMER1 again

Whats the one thing missing on the 360 that was on the original x box?
A HDD in every box.
Go here:

Not having every game made for a 360 playable for every 360 made is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.

Every way I look at it, its a step backward.

kn4092d ago

The tile says "Rumor" Xbox 360 Core to be discontinued. It further states that they are being told to pull down the signs because once these are gone, that's it. Then in the very next sentence they write that they are being replaced with the "new" core. It's still the core with a few extras. What the hell is wrong with journalism in videogaming these days? That's like saying Honda has discontinued the Accord. They have removed all signs concerning the accord and once the remaining accords are gone, that's it..... Apparently there is a new Accord with power windows and power locks. OMFGWTFBBQ! Shezam! The Accord wasn't discontinued. Neither was the Core.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4092d ago

hmmm hopefully its at a lower price might pick one up 2009 for NG2.

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