One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP 3DS screenshots

Check out new screenshots of the upcoming One Piece game.

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Rush1977d ago

It's a shame we will most likely never see it released in Europe/America.

Redempteur1977d ago

well the unlimited cruises (1 & 2) got released in europe .

i don't doubt this one will miss the train.
NOw america that's different , ONE piece isn't nearly as popular.. so you might have to import ( oh wait... : 3DS region lock )

Another reason region lock sucks...

Rush1977d ago

Am in Europe anyway fuck America xD

Naw kiddin you guys are alright (when your not shooting stuff)

giantmann11977d ago

make a one piece game for the ps3 and xbox that could be fun :D

kite221977d ago

no one will buy it ya to busy playin fps

Eamon1977d ago

Apparently the Marineford War wasn't in the original version of this game but is in this 3DS remake.

To be honest, I'd like to skip the filler rubbish and play that arc of One Piece but I doubt this will make it to the West.

Another stupid cost after Nintendo region-locked the 3DS.