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5 Games I Suspect (And Hope) Will Be Announced at E3

Five interesting (and rumored) titles that might surprise gamers at E3 2011. (3DS, Beyond Good & Evil 2, God of War 4, Jade Empire 2, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PC, Pikmin, PS3, Xbox 360)

Dark_Charizard  +   1463d ago
Star Fox Wii
Pikmin 3
Dragon Quest X
F-Zero Wii
The Last Story
kreate  +   1463d ago
let's just be realistic.

new halo
modern warfare 3
more final fantasy
silent hill
gears of war 3
some more shooters from microsoft
some more HD collection from sony
catherine coming to NA

bunch of move/kinect titles.
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Xfanboy  +   1463d ago
Counter Strike 2 for PC!
FarCry 3
New Splinter Cell
New Rainbow Six
Jade Empire 2
Mirrors Edge 2
Shenmue 3
Bully 2
Red Dead Revolver 2
Edler Scrolls (ngp)
Doom 3 remake (ngp)
Boarderlands spin off(ngp)
Black 2
NFL 2k 2012
Knuckles 1 (featuring sonic)
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Tommykrem  +   1463d ago
We might see a new Metal Gear Solid this year, but I will be very surprised if it's called Metal Gear Solid 5.
We're also very likely to see the new game from Lightbox Interactive sooner or later. I hope it's Starhawk.
HK6  +   1463d ago
GTA5 anybody?
Kon  +   1463d ago
Criminal  +   1463d ago
A GTA 5 announcement would be great.
beavis4play  +   1463d ago
i'd rather have a big reveal (with gameplay) for agent. of course, i'd understand that people who own only a 360 would disagree with this.

as far as ps3 goes - i also want syphon filter game!
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Lamarthedancer  +   1463d ago
Half life 3/episode 3....it has to happen this year :)

I hope Eight Days will be shown, I know it won't probably happen but I'll keep my fingers crossed....oh and Battlefront 3 aswell.

I think there will be an official trailer of Uncharted 3 showing gameplay and the story
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beavis4play  +   1463d ago
i would think the guys from ND would be bringing a brand new demo to the show for people to play.
wingman32x  +   1463d ago
I want info on DQX. I also want Capcom to wake up and announce the localization for both Edgeworth 2 and Layton Vs. Ace Attorney. More 3DS announcements are welcome, too.

In terms of console stuff,I want a localization announcement and release window for Ni No Kuni.
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TheOneWhoPwnsYou  +   1463d ago
This is all very unlikely.. GOW4 cause the Hip Hop Gamer said so? He's an idiot.
kookie  +   1463d ago
Beyond good and evil 2 is already announced
Goomb  +   1463d ago
It was announced, then cancelled, then they said "maybe". An official confirmation would be ideal.
arabiensoldier  +   1463d ago
there is already a plethora of console titles for me to empty out my pocket on. What I'm really waiting for is some NGP titles gameplay like the new uncharted and killzone, and a better demonstration of the PS3 NGP connectivity, etc. All in all this E3 should be interesting, microsoft is quiet, ngp information, more title announcements. I JUST CANT WAIT!
sich92  +   1463d ago
god of war hopefully,and a spinoff would be better
Raven_Nomad  +   1463d ago
Realistically we might see some of those, but here is some much more likely ones.

Halo CE remake
Metro 2034
Splinter Cell Conviction 2
Lost Odyssey 2
Kameo 2
Modern Warfare 3
Alan Wake 2

BTW, this is my thoughts on 360 games, haven't given PS3 games much thought.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1463d ago
Two games that would be really great to hear at least an announcment for are GTA5 and Killer Instict 3.
Ghost250  +   1463d ago
if i see any of these games i will be a happy man

Star Fox Wii
Pikimin 3DS
Onimusha V
Metal Gear Solid V
Zone Of The Enders 3
Killer Instinct 3
Resident Evil 6
The Legend Of Zelda: Majoras Mask 3DS
The Getaway
Star Hawk
Brave Arms
Eight Days
hellzsupernova  +   1463d ago
yes 8 days and yes the getaway :D ooo and yes to starhawk. not a MGS fan or own a wii or 3ds.

I want to hear somthing on Diablo 3 and the next installment of starcraft 2
Rob946  +   1463d ago
Only things i want. Sega to announce Shenmue 1 and 2 coming to Xbla and Psn, Shenmue 3 to be announced, Timesplitters 4 announced.
hellzsupernova  +   1463d ago
this list does not have anything im interested in.
Merivigian  +   1463d ago
I seriously want to see Jade Empire 2. I played it on the Xbox and had a blast with it, please Bioware, please make a Jade Empire sequel!!
Azianphil88  +   1463d ago
Agent, Eight Days, and The Getaway

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