Windows Phone 7 & Free Xbox 360 Game Promotion Hits the UK

Following a successful run of the promotional campaign in the US, Microsoft has launched the ‘Buy a Windows Phone 7 Handset, Get a Free Xbox 360 Game’ activity in the UK. Available now exclusively from O2, gamers can get their hands on one of four top rated Xbox 360 releases with the purchase of the HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 handset.

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aviator1892612d ago

Sounds great, I got in on this when the promotion was running in the US. I've got to say, the wp7 is a pretty great phone.

blumatt2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

This definitely is a good deal. My only beef is, do they not think the phone has enough appeal to sell itself on its own merit? You don't see Apple giving away free Apps with an iPhone purchase. Similarly, you don't see Sony giving away free PS3 games to get you to buy their Xperia Play phone. It's a cool deal, but I feel it's just a way for MS to buy itself market share instead of building a device that's intrinsically appealing enough to the market to sell on its own.

Good deal though, for those who are in the market for it.

Personally, I'm thinking about buying the Samsung Galaxy S instead of any of these phones I just mentioned. Though, my next choice would be the Xperia Play, since I'm sure it will have some sort of PS3 and PSN connectivity. Of course, I'll have an NGP for that in about a year anyway. :)

@aviator189 Yeah, that's true, man. Like I said, it's definitely a good deal for those in the market for one. If you want a Windows Phone 7, now's the time to do it. ;)

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aviator1892612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

The thing is, the smartphone market is really competitive now and the major players are android and iphone. No matter how good a newcomer might be after the two leaders in smartphones (android and iphone), it would be difficult for any other device to gain marketshare without some major incentives. In this case, the temporary incentive is a free 360 game with the purchase of a wp 7.

Kon2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

You sure know how to be a stealth troll huh?

SuicideShaun2612d ago

And you really want to walk around with a psphone and play games on it all day?

Forever alone.

Stryfeno22612d ago

I also took got on this promotion....Im loving my WP7.

chase1672612d ago

next up free xbox 360 for buying W7 phone lolol

Barry321712612d ago

Damn, wish I had known, would have gotten my wife an HD7... I got mine when it launched...

The-Tentacle2612d ago

WP7 is an awful phone os. Can't even get their updates right...

SuicideShaun2612d ago

Hey at least they fix their updates, when I had an iphone 3g and the 4 came out, the update they rolled to every phone ruined my phone. So slow, I felt like I was on dial up again. Horrible.

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