OPM November Reviews: Folklore, Skate

Thanks to LongTrousers from GameTrailers, here are the latest reviews from the UK's Official PlayStation Magazine.

Everbody's Golf 5 - 8/10
Folklore - 7/10
Madden NFL 08 - 7/10
NHL 08 - 9/10
Pro Evolution Soccer 08 - 9/10
Sega Rally - 7/10
Skate - 9/10
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 - 8/10

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RadientFlux4095d ago

nothing surprising here review wise... out of all the games reviewed I'll probably give Folklore a rent... not much of sports gamer

Antan4095d ago

great Hotshots score, Folkore ive played enough to warrant my purchase. Ipicked up Sega Rally today even though i said i wouldn`t!! Pro evo speaks for itself.....

cr33ping_death4095d ago

folklore was actually pretty fun....... loved yanking the souls( or is it id) of the folk with the game, im picking it up.

DemiseofPandas4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

You are correct its ids, I played the Japanese Version back in July, anyone looking forward to folklore, I give one fair warning. You go through every area twice as Ellen or Keats. Still a very fun game, and I'm happy with the time I spent playing it. There is a create an online dungeon system that can add play value, but its pretty basic. The story was quite good, suspense, thriller fans will surely love it.

SabreMan4095d ago

strange they haven't reviewed FiFa 08 and had a head to head section in the reviews, Folklore certainly going by the demo looks beautiful but i'm not sure if it's a purchase Hot Shots Golf certainly is and probably Pro Evo.

Having got myself a copy of SEGA Rally today i reckon it deserves an 8 but thats only my opinion

Canidae4095d ago

Folklore is a great RPG imo, not FF caliber, but I would give it a solid 8 just off the demo alone. The story premise seems very solidly rooted, the gameplay is good as well. Though the only fault I can see is that it may be a little easy but other than that I would give it high marks for visuals, a unique gameplay mechanic, and a firm story premise. Definitely a purchase for me.

Cartesian3D4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

tiger woods 8/10 and sega rally 7/10 ???!!!

may be EA give them sth ... :P .. their rating are strange.. imo Folklore,sega rally must have better rating than TIGER woods crap! ( last gen graphics,glitchs,bugs,not fun,... and so on compare to Hot shots golf with next gen graphics and FUN gameplay )

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