Nintendo relegates developers to the back of boxes

Out of all the logos plastered over our beloved Nintendo Boxarts, how many times do you see the developer logo feature? Sure EA, Nintendo and Ubisoft all have their logo, but how often does the guys who are actually developing the game get on the front?

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purin4070d ago

i was wondering about that too
i usually just see the console maker and/or the publisher

LeonSKennedy4Life4070d ago

I think Capcom should be on the front of every Nintendo game. They've been saving Nintendo's butt for years!!!

Rooftrellen4070d ago

Like when Mega Man X4, and X5, and X6, and X7, and X8...were taken from Nintendo when the first 3 X's had been doing well?

With Capcom loging some of its highest profits ever, due to the Wii and DS, I would say that's the other way around.

kn4070d ago

I'd prefer that the front of the box have only the console name (wii in this case) and the boxart on the front. I don't know if the ratings mark can be relegated to the back or not... I enjoy the various boxarts and would prefer to see them without a bunch of trash littering the front. The back and spine, of course, are fair game...

jackdoe4069d ago

I don't really care. The developers might, but it's their problem. They can take it up with Nintendo or their publisher if they find an issue with it.

texism4069d ago

This isn't really a problem because when you start up a game, you see that really cool animation that just ends up being the developer logo. I mean, if you can't notice that, then it's pretty useless even having the dev name on the box.

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