Anime Courtyard | Stacking XBLA Review

Special and unique games like this dont come out often, Double Fine bring us a nice, relaxing and original concept to our consoles, great cinematics and good gameplay, Staking is a game you cant miss.

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NukaCola2700d ago

Stacking is one of the best downloadable titles this year. I recommend it. It's easy to beat, but challenging to complete it to 100% or max GS points. $15 isn't bad with what you get, but for those waiting for a price drop, $10/800ms is more than worth it for this game, it's a AAA DLC game.

Cybermario2700d ago

and the first DLC for the game is coming out soon, more fun, more Stacking!

Studio-YaMi2700d ago

agreed,this is one of more interesting titles to try out,it's free for PSN+ users,so if you're a PSN+ user,try it out,it's worth it ;) !