Dead Island: An Interview With The Team Behind One Amazing Trailer

"We got in touch with both the director and producer of the Dead Island trailer and they were happy to speak to us about the creative development behind the project.?? Read on for the full interview."

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creamsoda2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Errr, isn't the trailer a bit overrated? I mean it's good but seriously... Doesn't even have gameplay or anything I mean if you want to call a CG trailer amazing look for the one that was for DC Universe online. Now that trailer kicks this ones ass anyday.

Downtown boogey2763d ago

I think this trailer is nothing too great...
Halo has had better trailers.

xAlmostPro2763d ago

Well no.. it IS great because despite it being CG or not. The trailer itself was a greatly edited piece of video, that captured more emotion than alot of trailers.

We all knew that it was a CGI gameplay so why complain when it contained zero gameplay?.. The game wasn't known to many and they had to do something major to get the game on the radar therefor a great CG trailer was perfect and done the job.

Which DCU trailer? the gameplay one or the CG one? ;)

Belasco2763d ago

Isn't anyone else finding zombies getting a tad boring? Its been played out for awhile,at least for me.