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3DS arrives in Japan - tons of photos

The 3DS has finally been released in Japan. Check out a ton of photos from the launch. (3DS)

FlyWestbrook  +   1686d ago
Those lucky Japanese
-Mezzo-  +   1686d ago
Why do they get all the Nintendo Stuff Before Us. Damn :D
klado  +   1686d ago
...Isn´t nintendo a japanese company?...
Wenis  +   1686d ago
Why do so many people in Japan were face masks. Is the air quality really that bad there (can't possibly be any worse than L.A. yet I see nobody wearing facemasks there) or are a lot of them just paranoid.
Studio-YaMi  +   1686d ago
No,they have the flu,educate yourself bro!

In Japan,when you are sick (mainly having the Flu) you are required to wear a Face mask so you don't infect other people around you,and that my funny smart friend is how it should be.

You don't want to get someones else disease,do you now?
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HOSe  +   1686d ago
paranoia strikes deep
flyingmunky  +   1686d ago
That is interesting, I never knew that.

While it would certainly help the elderly(which from what I understand is a good chunk of the population) I would have to wonder what that does to younger people though.

After all, getting over a cold gives your body immunities to sickness later in life. Limited exposure early on could cause a lot of harm later on if you get sick and don't have the antibodies to fight it off. It is still a good policy though in my opinion, even if it looks a little odd out on the street.
Lf_sIcKmAn  +   1686d ago
Its done that way to prevent outbreaks... the amount of people in japan is staggering... you dont want a national wide flu there...
Knushwood Butt  +   1685d ago
It's not required; it's courteous.
Theonik  +   1685d ago
When cities are as densely populated as some Japanese cities are i would damn well expect it to be the case.
Studio-YaMi  +   1685d ago
@ Knushwood Butt
well put,I didn't know how to explain it properly because English is not my first language.
Neo Nugget  +   1686d ago
Can't wait till the US release ^_^
nevin1  +   1686d ago
Late Februrary?

What an odd time frame for a new video game hardware release.
Masterchef2007  +   1686d ago
That sure was under the radar. Expect a ton of articles when its released in Europe and the US.

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