MvC3: Jill and Shuma-Gorath Gameplay Videos

4 videos have surfaced of Jill and Shuma in Marvel vs Capcom 3. These are from hacked versions of the retail disc, so keep that in mind. As these may not be final.

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fnjimmy2556d ago

That's me in the videos, My Jill is unstoppable.

VINNIEPAZ2556d ago

I played with both new DLC characters and really didnt like them at all. Both didnt seem to have a lot of moves.

Baka-akaB2556d ago

well that's kinda the point , arent the hacked versions dlc char incomplete anyway ?

RockmanII72556d ago


Jill still needs work but Shuma is complete.

elmaton982556d ago

Is the game out already cause I.saw one of my friend playing it on ps3.

Optical_Matrix2556d ago

Its been out for a week or so.

elmaton982556d ago

Thanks man I aprecciate it bubble for you

JohnApocalypse2556d ago

MVC2 Jill was cooler and hotter

crzyjackbauer2556d ago

see i dont get the point of adding the RE1 lab stage if you dont have the original costume, its like Leon shows up on the Spencer mansion
im like "what the hell are you doing here?"

i hate RE5
and i hate RE5's jill

midgard2272556d ago

tat machinegun special the worst in the game, that did like NO damage....bleh hope its fixed when shes finished

FiftyFourPointTwo2556d ago

Shuma Gorath yay! Too bad Chaos Dimension is a bit weak.

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