Tactical Review: BF3 Gameplay Trailer

We here at Off Duty Gamers know if we cant PLAY a game then breaking things down and seeing how well (or not) a game developer is doing with respect to military authenticity can be a fun exercise in itself. With this in mind and with great anticipation for Battlefield 3, we have taken some time to break out the latest video trailer and point out some of the details.

Note that some other sites are doing these breakdowns but as prior and some active duty military members we want hit the points that we are uniquely qualified to point out. The ODG team breaking down these elements includes 4 US Army members, 1 US Navy member, 1 US Marine Corps member and a British Army member who all put eyes onto this and collaborated on picking out the details. In some cases the content may be unfinished from the developer so we do our best to identify items based on direct knowledge and research.

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Shackdaddy8362697d ago

Lol. I didn't even think that the character was supposed to have sleeves. Must have just decided to roll them up...

Lot of details brought up that everyone else missed...

captain-obvious2696d ago

just played some BFBC2 on my PS3 and i got my ass kicked
COD:BO took my skill
after i was ass raping ppl
any way
i'll get BF3 on PC and i hope it gets controller support

2696d ago