The Legend of Zelda's Birthday - Another Year Older, More Game-Play Hours Reported

"The Legend of Zelda was released on the NES in North America on August 22, 1987. The Legend of Zelda was originally released in Japan on February 21, 1986, so the game had been out for more than a year before Nintendo brought it to the United States.
Nintendo re-released The Legend of Zelda in digital form through the Wii's Virtual Console service on November 19, 2006 for 500 Wii Points, which is $5.

How many hours have been spent in the land of Hyrule, during the last 4 years with Link's first adventure? Let's take a look!", says CoffeewithGames.

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CoffeewithChess2641d ago

Have any of you played through and completed The Legend of Zelda in the last 4 years? If so, was it as good as perhaps you remembered in the past?
Also, are any of you surprised, like me, how Nintendo didn't seem to do much for The Legend of Zelda's 25th birthday?

flyingmunky2640d ago

Its been a few years since I played through it but its still good. I had lots of fun as I had pretty well forgotten all the dungeon maps and had to figure everything out fresh. A Link to the Past probably holds up better but the original still holds a lot of nostalgia for me.

I need to go back through Zelda 2 again though, haven't beat that one in probably 10 years.

vishant1012639d ago

i played it last year it was frustrating as hell but still fun i played it without a walk through so it was incredibly difficult but yup it does stand the test of time as one of the defining games of all time