Little Big Planet 2 Review at Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed look at Little Big Planet 2 and love the latest in the series. The versatile gameplay and tons of available content won them over.

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swishersweets200312730d ago

Little big planet 2 is great.. focuses more on creating levels then the first one and made it alot more simplier but if your not a super creative person your not going to dig it that much. The story modes shorter. The quality of the design of the levels is up to each individual person to judge, I think its about the same as the first. its a hell of a lot easier to play. I was able to ace and get 100% goodies in just three days.. where the first one actually took me some time to ace and find goodies. Little disappointed on the costume set in this one.. not as cool as the first.. But if you got the first one and the second the combinations you can create makes for a pretty good amount of guys you can put together for yourself.